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What Types of Palms Are There?

Palms are by far some of the most popular plants for interior decoration, with their long leaves and sultry appearance. The palm tree varieties you’ll find at Garden Goods Direct include:

  • Neanthe Bella Palm: A commonly sold tabletop palm, this palm plant is commonly used as a filler among other plants. Propagating easily and growing well in low to medium light, this plant is very hardy, whether you’re keeping it as a houseplant or garden plant. The biggest issue with this palm is spider mites, especially in warmer temperatures.
  • Roebelenii Pygmy Date Palm: Native to southeastern Asia, this variety of palm tree is commonly used in landscaping, growing indoors and outdoors, depending on the growth conditions. Growing from half a foot to two feet per year, the pygmy date palm grows best in partial shade to full sun in sandy loam and a warm climate. Some pests and diseases pose a problem for these palm trees, though they’ll depend largely on the area in which you live.
  • Sago Palm: A popular houseplant, the Sago Palm is known for its feathery foliage. With wide-spread plumes of leaves, this plant is a stunning sight. Even better, it’s an easy houseplant to take care of. Best kept in brightly lit, semi-humid and consistently warm temperatures, Sago palms prefer well-drained soil. Generally, they’ll bloom every three years after maturity in the spring.

Why Should You Buy Palms for Your Home?

Palms are popular houseplants for a reason. Hardy and easy to maintain, palm plants are some of the best plants for beginning plant owners. They require consistent temperatures and humidity, and do well with a fairly regular watering and fertilizing schedule. Even better, they’re affordable!

Palms are also lauded for their beauty. With luscious leaves in feathered patterns, they’re relaxing to behold and serve well both as a centerpiece and a windowsill decoration.

In addition to their unique benefits, palms offer several benefits to your home. Palms, like all plants, turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, improving the air quality of your home. Having plant life indoors helps to bring about a sense of calm and well-being — one of the best advantages to re-greening your life!

How Can You Find the Right Palms for Your Home?

Choosing a palm for your home depends largely on the look you want to achieve. The Pygmy Date Palm is a good choice for a slightly taller houseplant, while the Sago Palm tends to be medium in size, appropriate for feathery-leaved floor decoration. The Neanthe Palm is the smallest available option and serves well as a tabletop decoration with its delicate leaves.

Think about where you want to place your palm, and the aesthetic goal you’re after.

How Do You Care for Your Palm Plant?

Each palm requires slight differences in terms of care, but most palms require a good amount of strong sunlight and regular watering schedules. Fertilization is also a regular necessity, though indoor palms require much less fertilizer than your average outdoor plant.

It’s also important to consider heat and humidity when caring for palm plants, as they’re tropical plants. While heat is rarely an issue in indoor settings, humidity tends to be an issue — dry air can result in palm leaf damage over time, so it’s important to keep home humidity above 50% if possible.

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep palm plants healthy, as diseases and pests tend to be problems for these plants. Watch out for spider mites, as these pests are fond of palm leaves. Most of the time, such pests can be warded off with regular rinsing and dusting off of your palm plant’s leaves.

If you’re not sure how to appropriately care for your palm plants, or notice your palm trees are having issues, please call Garden Goods Direct. One of our nursery experts would be happy to help you and give advice on the proper care of your palm plant!

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