Non-Flowering Annual Plants for Sale Online

Non-flowering annual plants may not have the bright showy blooms of Petunias or Lantanas, but they are equally as beautiful. They are often planted along side flowering annuals in container gardens. Annual plants go through an entire life cycle all in one growing season. The best time to plant annuals is in spring or early summer so they can enjoy the growing season before beginning to wither away once the first frost of the year hits.  Some exceptions will set seed and reproduce the following growing season, but this is not common.

Most people know annuals to be bright, beautiful, showy displays of colorful flowers that scream "Spring is Here!" when planted in your garden. However, some annuals do not flower at all. These include the vining Glacier Ivy plants, white-frosted Dusty Miller plants, ornamental grass Juncus plants, and more. While none of these plants are particularly showy, they are loved for their beautiful foliage and contrasting greenery in any garden. Spice up your landscape with these non-flowering plants this growing season.

Types of Non-Flowering Annual Plants

Dusty Miller

  • Dusty Miller Plant
  • Dusty Miller New Look Plant

Ivy Plants

  • Glacier Ivy Plant
  • Gold Child Ivy Plant


  • Juncus Twisted Arrows Plant
  • Juncus Blue Dart


  • Persian Shield Strobilanthes Plant
  • Dracaena Spike Plant