Mandevilla Plants for Sale Online

This plant has quickly become one of the most popular patio plants on the market. The beautiful Mandevilla plant produces tropical flowers that add a flair of excitement to any location. These flowers come in a variety of colors such as pink, red, yellow, white, and many more. You can use your plant in many ways, like hanging baskets, trailing up a column, in a container, or even cover a wall with your Mandevilla plant.

How to Care for a Mandevilla Plant


Unlike many flowering plants, Mandevilla flowers can tolerate some dryness and continue to flower. However, your plant prefers consistently moist soil, so we recommend keeping the conditions damp but never soggy. Soggy soil could lead to too much water retention and cause root rot disease. This disease could kill your plants if not caught early. We recommend watering your plant slowly and giving the soil enough time to soak up as much moisture as it needs. Your plant loves humidity, so feel free to give its leaves some misting every so often for added humidity levels.


These vining flowers grow best in full sunlight conditions. We recommend giving them at least 6 hours a day of direct sunlight. Your plant will tolerate some shade on occasion, like during hot summer afternoons. If your plant is in the ground, be sure to analyze the location and how much sun it receives before planting. If your plant is in a container, you can move it accordingly to ensure it gets the best sunlight. If you notice your plant's leaves or blossoms browning and crisping, place it out of the direct sun, your plant could be getting burned by the sun.


Fertilize your Mandevilla plant in the spring with a slow-release, balanced fertilizer. You can also use a liquid fertilizer at half strength every two weeks from spring until fall. Your plant would love some compost mixed into its soil for additional nutrients. Always remember not to fertilize your plant during their dormancy period in the winter. You could disrupt its upcoming growing season or burn the roots.


Mandevilla plants require sandy, well-draining soil conditions with plenty of organic material mixed in. A great potting mix would be the combination of peat moss, builder's sand, and leaf mold. Your plant loves to be in neutral to slightly acidic soil pH levels. However, they can typically tolerate slightly alkaline soil pH levels too.

Mandevilla Plants Offered at Garden Goods Direct

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