Fast Growing Trees

Fast Growing Trees for Sale Online

Garden Goods Direct is your go-to source for America's best selection of Fast Growing Trees. We cater to various sizes, shapes, growth habits, and climate tolerances you may need no matter where you live in the Continental United States. Grown from quality stock and carefully nurtured by the country's best nurseryman. All that’s left for you to do is plant and watch them thrive!

Fast Growing Trees for Shade & Privacy

Fast growing trees are becoming more popular because homeowners can reap the benefits of a mature tree sooner rather than later, including natural air conditioning and privacy. Cut down on your AC bill during the hot summer months by surrounding your home with fast growing shade trees or create some natural solitude and privacy!

What are Fast Growing Trees?

While there is no straightforward answer to this question, we consider trees to be fast growing when they mature at least 2 feet during each growing season. Some trees grow as fast as 8 feet per year, while others are not as quick but still considered to be fast.

How Do I Pick the Right Fast Growing Tree?

Plants and trees are not one-size-fits-all. Finding the right fast growing tree for your home and garden will depend on where you live. Some trees can only thrive and grow at the desirable rate in certain climates and conditions. Our plant experts have narrowed down the best options for your climate so you can browse our vast selection of plants to find the right match for your garden. We’ve taken the hassle out of this process; let us help you find your Grow Zone!

Keep in mind what you want to achieve by buying a fast growing tree and plan accordingly for your property. Some trees can grow as tall as 60 feet, while others may stay between 12 to 40 feet. If you live on a large property and would like to find a solution to the heavy winds, trees like Thuja Green Giants are an excellent choice for a windbreak. Have limited space but need some privacy from a bustling city or to block out your neighbors? Italian Cypress trees are narrow, grow tall, and hold a classic shape, making them the perfect fast growing evergreen tree for privacy.

Looking for some quick shade? The Weeping Willow is one of the fastest growing deciduous trees available, growing 6 to 8 feet per year until it reaches its maximum height of 50 feet!

How Do I Get My Tree To Grow Even Faster?

When properly planted and established, your tree will grow several feet per year in any landscape. For those that are eager to have their trees grow even faster, there are some things you can do during the planting stage:

Buy Fast Growing Trees Online

When you buy a fast growing tree online with Garden Goods Direct, you'll receive a well-rooted, healthy branching, and vigorous plant that's ready to be planted. Each order comes with a simple and easy to follow planting and care package, ensuring that you know just what to do to keep it thriving for years to come! We can help you successfully navigate your way through the project from plant selection to installation instructions at no additional cost.