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Whether you are searching for a fast growing tree, privacy tree, screening tree, buffer tree, evergreen privacy tree, flowering tree or ornamental tree, you will find what you are looking for at Garden Goods Direct. We offer the largest selection of high quality trees at the best price in the continental United States.

We are a plant nursery and specialize in landscape grade material. That means we offer bigger trees for sale and have a better selection than other online stores!

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Trees add value to your landscape. Evergreen trees, like Arborvitae and Cypress trees, can provide a beautiful year-round privacy screen. Flowering trees, such as Magnolia, Redbuds, and Cherries produce loads of colorful blooms. Others, like the Maples and Poplars, provide cooling shade which in the heat of the summer. Enhance your properties value, shop our vast selection of landscape trees today.

Privacy Trees for Screening

Sometimes we just need privacy, especially in our yards. Not interested in expensive fencing that needs yearly maintenance? Consider adding a ‘living’ wall to your yard with fast growing privacy trees, screening trees, and buffer trees from Garden Goods Direct. Trees and shrubs can create a beautiful and natural screen full of blooms and foliage that are eye-catching instead of being an eyesore. From White Pine known for their cold hardiness to fast-growing Leyland Cypress to stunning Emerald Green Arborvitae, we have the privacy trees and privacy bushes that are perfect for your landscape. Create a privacy screen that will bring beauty to your yard year after year while giving you the privacy buffer from your neighbors that you crave!

Evergreen Trees

What’s not to love about evergreens? Evergreen trees deliver year-round color, as well as providing a privacy or screen alternative to expensive fencing and can block wind, provide shade, and reduce your heating and cooling bills. Evergreen trees are typically needled and broad-leafed and come in a wide range of colors, from hunter green to silvery blue, yellow, copper, gray-green, blue-green, chartreuse, as well as plants with variegated foliage. While many traditional living walls sport dark-hued plants, a golden or silver-blue conifer can add winter interest into a perennial bed, particularly when blooms have disappeared for the season. Choose from Arborvitae Trees, Leyland Cypress Trees, Nellie Stevens Holly, Thuja Green Giant and more.

Shade Trees

Want to add some cool beauty to your landscape? Garden Goods Direct sells fast growing shade trees online that are best for shade and screening, as well as ornamental beauty.

Protecting our homes from the sun during the summer can end up saving us both money and energy and this can be easily achieved by strategic use of trees for shade around our homes. These shade trees block the sun from streaming in our windows and heating our walls and roofs during certain times of the day and you can create comfortable outdoor spaces by placing shade trees near your patio or deck.

Shade trees come in all shapes and sizes so there are plenty of options to choose from. We have Maple Trees, Redbud Trees, Chestnut Trees, Poplar Trees, Oak and Sycamore Trees for sale. If you’re looking for a quick fix, Garden Goods Direct sells many different fast growing shade trees.

Flowering Trees & Ornamental Trees

Flowering trees transform your garden with mature trees providing beauty and grandeur, while small flowering trees sparkle with life and promise. They lure us outdoors to walk a bit and enjoy the beauty of the season. The best flowering trees attract pollinators such as bees, and fruits feed birds and small creatures. At every season, they frame and shape the garden.

Ornamental trees brighten up any landscape with vivid colors in the spring and fall and sweeten the air with fragrant flowers. An ornamental tree can offer a focal point for your garden and add year-round beauty to a garden.

When choosing flowering trees and ornamental trees, think beyond spring to those that blossom in summer or early fall, so there is always something in bloom to enjoy. Consider also interesting leaf shapes, handsome woody structure, showy fall color, and bright berries. Some of the flowering trees and ornamental trees for sale at Garden Goods Direct are Crape Myrtle Trees, Dogwood Trees, Flowering Cherry Trees and Redbud Trees. 

Fruit & Nut Trees

Fruit and nut trees add beauty to your garden and once established, will continue to produce fresh fruit and nuts year after year.

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Your yard will get a boost whether you choose flowering, shade, evergreen or any other type of tree. Check out our wide selection of trees to plant at your home today. Contact us at 1-844-348-8971 with any questions you may have about upkeep or care, or buy from us right now.