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Growing Citrus Trees is quite an exciting and rewarding thing to do. To us here at Garden Goods Direct, growing your food is a fun endeavor. We offer many different types of Citrus Trees for your enjoyment. Since citrus trees rarely require dormant rest to be fruitful, they may bloom again while the previous fruit crop is still ripening. When potted, these trees also make great options for small-space fruit gardeners with well-lighted balconies, porches, and patios.

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Citrus also has the benefit of being a conversation starter when placed outside in your gathering space. Our Citrus Trees are best suited to be grown in containers. This makes their care very easy. We recommend that you keep your citrus trees indoors from October to April or until the last danger of frost has passed.

There is no need to plan out a space in your garden. Our dwarf citrus trees will produce standard-sized fruit on smaller trees. Even in the fall and winter, our citrus trees are sure to be a welcome addition to your home.

When overwintering your Citrus Trees, keeping them in the brightest room of the house is a best practice. When watering your trees indoors, letting the soil dry out between watering is best.

In late spring or early summer, when there is no longer a danger of frost, move your Citrus Trees outdoors to a space that receives bright light for 6-8 hours a day. All Citrus trees love the sun and heat of summer.

Feeding your Citrus Trees is also a simple task. Espoma Cirtus~tone is an ideal food source for all types of Citrus Trees. Feeding in late winter, late spring, and fall will help to keep your trees healthy and producing fruit in abundance.

Planting Citrus Trees

Citrus fruits like to be planted in well-drained soil Planting your fruit tree in a potting mix that is specially blended for Palm, Citrus, and Cactus plants will help make sure that your tree bears fruit regularly and continues to thrive for years to come. Woodie recommends that you re-pot your citrus trees in the spring every two to three years to make sure that they establish in their new pot quickly.

For more information on how to plant and care for citrus trees, see our planting guide How to Plant Fruit Trees.

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Choosing a Citrus tree is as easy as knowing what fruits you like the taste of. From Grapefruit to Satsuma Oranges, we are sure to have what you are searching for.

Orange Trees - We offer Navel, Hamlin Sweet, and Red Navel Orange Trees. The Navel Orange Tree is ultra low-maintenance and one of the most sought after orange trees out there.

Lemons and Limes - As the Meyer Lemon Tree matures, they will bear larger quantities of fruit. Meyer Lemons are green when they are growing. They will turn yellow when ripe, which can often take several months. Flowers are very fragrant. Key Lime Trees need sufficient water for new growth and flowers so keep watered regularly. Even Indoors it will produce fruit that has an extremely high, moisture content. Great for making the Pies that bear its name.

Grapefruit Trees - The Rio Red Grapefruit Tree is one of the newer types of grapefruit trees. Derived from the infamous Ruby Red grapefruit, it grows beautifully big, seedless fruits and is more cold tolerant than the ruby red.

From entertaining to cooking, citrus fruits should definitely be a part of your gardening experience. There are many ways that you can incorporate your new citrus fruits like baking, mixed drinks, flavored water, and crafts. Native to warm, humid climates, these tropical trees are unique choices for homegrown fruit.

If you’re looking to buy Citrus Trees online, consider Woodie’s approved Citrus Trees from Garden Goods Direct. We provide you with the trees you want. We will also help you with Citrus Tree care tips.

If you’re looking to buy Citrus Trees online for your garden, consider Woodie’s approved Citrus Trees from Garden Goods Direct. We provide you with the trees you want. We will also help you with Citrus Tree care tips.