Red Annuals for Sale Online

Most annuals are known for their bright, showy flowers that add excitement to any landscape. If you are looking for beautiful, show-stopping annuals, red plants are the way to go. We have options such as Lantanas, Begonias, Petunias, Annual Geraniums, Calibrachoas, and many other miscellaneous purple annual plant options. Whether you want a hanging basket plant, bedding plants, or fountain grass, we've got you covered!

Annual plants experience an entire life cycle in one growing season. The best time to plant annuals is in spring or early summer so they can enjoy the growing season before the first frost of the year arrives. Some exceptions will set seed and reproduce the following growing season, but this is not common.

Types of Red Annual Plants 


  • Cascadias Bi-Color Cabernet Petunia
  • Cascadias Rim Chianti Petunia
  • 'Easy Wave Burgundy Velour' Petunia


  • Big Bronze Leaf Red Begonia
  • Big Leaf Red Begonia

Annual Geraniums

  • Salmon Geranium 
  • Red Zonal Geranium
  • Brocade Fire Night Geranium
  • Brocade Fire Geranium
  • Dark Red Zonal Geranium


  • Bandana Red Lantana


  • Calibrachoa Aloha Kona Cherry Red 


  • Purple Fountain Grass
  • Dark Eyes Fuschia 

How to Care for Petunias

Petunias thrive best in full sun and well-draining soil conditions. These annuals are heat-tolerant and only require water once a week to survive. We recommend fertilizing them once a month during their growing season to help them blossom vibrant and large flowers. These annuals go great in hanging baskets or as mass plantings. 

How to Care for Begonias

Begonias love to be planted in indirect sunlight, evenly moist, well-draining soil conditions, and warm climates. The best location for your plant is in an area that receives morning and afternoon shade to ensure your plant's foliage does not burn. They bloom from spring until the first frost of the year. 

How to Care for Annual Geraniums

These annuals look beautiful when potted in a hanging basket or planted as bedding plants. They do best in areas with rich, well-draining soil conditions. Your Annual Geraniums will bloom mid-spring and repeat bloom until the first frost of the year. We recommend deadheading the entire flower after blossoms fade to encourage new blossoms.

How to Care for Lantanas

Lantanas love to be planted in moist, well-draining soil conditions. They are slightly drought-resistant, but only once they are well established. To know if your plant needs water, stick your finger one inch deep in the soil; if it feels dry, it is time to water. Plant your annual Lantanas in full sunlight, at least 6 to 8 hours a day. Fertilize once a month using a dry fertilizer for best growth results.

How to Care for Calibrachoa

These annual plants love to receive at least 6 hours of full sunlight each day. They can tolerate some shade during the hottest parts of the day but thrive best in bright sunlight. Plant them in well-draining soil conditions and keep them on a regular watering schedule. We recommend giving your Calibrachoa plants deep watering after each fertilizing treatment to ensure they soak up the proper nutrients to grow healthy and strong.

How to Care for Miscellaneous Annuals

We offer quite a few different plant species for red annuals, and they all are unique in their ways. However, there are a few universal care tips for most plants we want to share. We recommend always planting in well-draining soil conditions to avoid any risk of root rot disease. If your plant's soil retains too much water, it could run into the possibility of root rot and become damaged. We also recommend feeding your plants once a month or maybe a bit more often (depending on the plant). However, too much fertilizer could risk the chance of burning your plant's roots. Almost all plants need some sunlight; it is best to do your research on where the perfect location in your landscape is for your plants to thrive.