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Asclepias sun perennials, also known as butterfly weed or milkweed, are well-loved plants, best known for their insect visitors and colorful blooms. With simple growing needs and lovely summer displays, choose the asclepias perennial for your garden. 

Asclepias is a genus of sun perennials commonly known as milkweed. This North American plant comes in a variety of species, each with its own coloration and size. Most are also associated with pollinators, specifically butterflies.

Types of Asclepias Sun Perennials

Garden Goods Direct offers two species of Asclepias sun perennials for sale:

  • The Swamp Milkweed: The Swamp Milkweed, species name Asclepias incarnate, is a pink-blooming cultivar, best known for its importance as the primary larval food source for Monarch Butterflies.
  • The Butterfly Weed: The Butterfly Weed, species name Asclepias tuberosa, is much more vibrant, with orange flowers that appear in mid to late summer and attract butterflies and hummingbirds alike.

The difference between the two is mostly in the growing zone. While the swamp milkweed tolerates growing zones 3 through 7, the butterfly weed is much better suited to zones 6 through 9.

Why Plant Asclepias Sun Perennials?

Asclepias sun perennials are highly favored in gardens for their attractiveness, both to humans and animals. Their colorful blooms provide aesthetic appeal to homeowners and their visitors, while also attracting pollinators throughout the summer. The result is a beautiful living display that also serves to support the local ecosystem.

On top of these aesthetic benefits, Asclepias sun perennials are very easy to care for and versatile in gardens. Drought-tolerant and resistant to many diseases, Asclepias sun perennials require little care from their owners. As for their utility in gardens, they can be used in mixed borders, mass plantings or as specimens in a garden with no problem.

Tips for Choosing the Right Variety of Asclepias Sun Perennials

The most important part of selecting the right Asclepias sun perennial for your garden is understanding your local climate. As previously stated, the swamp milkweed tolerates growing zones 3 through 7, while the butterfly weed is much better suited to warmer areas, with a tolerated area covering zones 6 through 9. Always check to make sure the variety you want will be suitable for your local climate to avoid issues in the planting process.

Beyond these considerations, choose the Asclepias sun perennial that fits your aesthetic needs. If you live in zone 6 or 7, you can even plant both!

How to Care for Asclepias Sun Perennials

Asclepias care begins with learning how to plant Asclepias sun perennials. First, find a location in full sun — the soil is less of a concern, though the plant will prefer drier soil with an average to a sandy texture. Mix the fertilizer into the soil while planting for stronger root growth. Once planted, water regularly and monitor your plant for progress until established. You may also consider mulching around the stem to protect the roots in winter.

Once established, Asclepias sun perennial care is easy. Fertilize once a year at most and water only in unusually dry conditions. Since the plant is resistant to many diseases and unfavorable conditions, you’ll run into few problems with this plant type.

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