Coreopsis Perennials for Sale Online

Coreopsis sun perennials, (commonly known as Tickseed), are well-loved plants, with abundant flowers that bloom throughout the summer. These native plants grow well with little maintenance and are a fantastic addition to any deer-resistant garden arrangement.

Types of Coreopsis

Coreopsis are native to the American prairie and woodlands, characterized by their symmetrical blooms and rugged nature. Over 100 species are currently alive, and though not all of them are perennials, they share a low-maintenance nature and long-lasting blooms.

Garden Goods Direct offers two species of Coreopsis:

  • The Coreopsis Zagreb: The Coreopsis Zagreb is a rugged plant with bright yellow blooms that add zest and color to any garden.
  • The Coreopsis Moonbeam: The Coreopsis Moonbeam is slightly more soft-spoken, with a soft yellow color that resembles moonlight.

Both bloom from mid-June through August.

Why Plant Coreopsis?

Coreopsis or Tickseed plants may be exactly what you need if you’re in search of long-lasting summer blooms that require little maintenance. Coreopsis plants are low maintenance, drought-tolerant and long-blooming, making them easy to care for throughout the year. Even better, their bright, contrasting flowers are eye-catching and beautiful, making them a lovely addition no matter what your landscape looks like.

On top of these aesthetic and functional benefits, coreopsis plants are quite versatile in the garden. Plant them as specimens, as part of mixed borders, or in mass quantities to achieve the look you want — the coreopsis plant will thrive no matter what. Even better, whatever quantity you plant, these full sun perennials will attract pollinators through the summer, bringing displays of butterflies to your landscape and supporting your local ecosystem.

Tips for Choosing the Right Variety of Coreopsis

The most important part of selecting the right coreopsis for your garden is determining if it will thrive in your climate. The two varieties available from Garden Goods Direct are only suited to USDA plant hardiness zones 6 through 9, meaning they’re not appropriate for most northern climates or some of the more extreme southern climates. If you live outside of zones 6 through 9, the coreopsis may not be a good choice for your garden.

Beyond this caveat, you can work coreopsis into most areas of your garden — all they need is some dry soil and full sunlight to thrive. You might pair them with other native prairie flowers, like coneflowers, for a nice display of native plants, or with blue or purple perennials like Irises to pump up the contrast.

How to Care for Coreopsis Plants

Coreopsis care begins with learning how to plant coreopsis. First, find a location in full sun. Beyond this, the soil is less of a concern, as the genus prefers drier soil. Mix fertilizer while planting for stronger root growth. Once planted, coreopsis perennials will need regular watering until established. After that, they’re very drought tolerant. You may also consider mulching around the stem to protect the roots in winter.

Once established, coreopsis care is easy. Fertilize every so often as needed, and water only in very dry conditions. Deadheading is best to keep the plants blooming through the summer. Do keep in mind, however, that these plants don’t live more than three to five years.

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