Agastache Plants

Agastache, also called Hummingbird Mint Plant or Anise Hyssop, is a lovely full-sun perennial, with spires of purple-blue flowers that bloom throughout the summer. With incredible drought-tolerance and a low-maintenance requirements, these plants are perfect for your pollinator garden! Pollinators and Hummingbirds will flock to this plant in your garden.

Types of Agastache Plants

There are many types of Agastache plants. The genus is part of the Anise hyssop family and consists of over 30 different species. Each species is slightly different, with varying colorations, sizes, and fragrances.

Currently, Garden Goods Direct offers four members of the Agastache foeniculum family. These  varieties typically grow up to three feet tall and are highly drought-tolerant and disease-resistant:

  • Agastache Black Adder produces vivid blue flowers, which appear from mid-summer to the first frost.
  • Agastache Blue Fortune produces lavender-blue spires that appear from July to September.
  • Agastache Golden Jubilee brings a new color to the hyssop family of plants. Wonderful Golden-yellow Leaves.
  • Agastache Purple Haze produces darker flowers than other members of the family.

Why Plant Agastache Plants?

The first thing you’ll notice about Agastache is their lovely flower spires. These season-long bloomers come in multiple shades of blue and purple, adding texture and color to your garden. They’re also attractive to pollinators like hummingbirds, honey bees, and butterflies, resulting in a summer-long display of life. 

On top of the Agastache plant’s visual interest are its low-maintenance requirements and its deer resistance. Hyssop is tolerant of many conditions, including poor soils and low soil moisture. They’re even disease and pest-resistant, making them ideal for gardeners who prefer not to use pesticides.

Tips for Choosing the Right Variety of Agastache

Before choosing one of our Agastache plants, consider your local climate. These plants thrive in zones 6 through 9, making them suitable for most areas of the continental United States. If you live within the Agastache plant’s hardiness range, choose a location with full sun and dry, average to sandy soil. If you live in a more northern region, this may not be a good choice.

Beyond these considerations, choose the Agastache that best fits your taste.

How to Care for Agastache Plants

Plant your Agastache in an area with full sun and soil that tends to be dry. Mix Bio-Tone fertilizer into the soil and water well at planting to help establish the plant. We also recommend mulching around the stem of your Agastache plant to help retain moisture through the summer months. During the first growing season, water regularly until the plant is established. 

Is Agastache a Perennial Plant?

Yes, the Agastache foeniculum Group are perennial plants and return every spring. 

Is Agastache Invasive?

Agastache occasionally self-seeds but is not aggressive and tends to develop into a clump.