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Hosta plants are a favorite among gardeners, loved for their luscious foliage and low-maintenance nature. There’s sure to be a variety that would suit your garden.

Types of Hosta Plants

Hostas are originally from Asia but have long been favored throughout the world. Today, thousands of cultivars exist, varying widely in shape, size, color, and texture. Most, however, share similar broad leaves and rounded growing habits.

Garden Goods Direct offers several varieties of shade-loving Hostas for sale:

  • The dark green Blue Angel
  • The bright green Sum and Substance
  • The avocado-colored Guacamole
  • The variegated Frances Williams
  • The white-margined Patriot and Albomargi

Each variety has its own unique characteristics and colorations, so be sure to read more about each variety before selecting one.

Why Plant Hosta Plants?

Hostas are a wonderful choice for almost every garden, mostly because of their versatility. Hostas are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and forms to suit every purpose, whether you’re looking for a border plant, container specimen or mass planting subject. Their broad leaves create an ideal backdrop for more colorful plants but are interesting enough to be focal points themselves. These characteristics make them a great pairing choice for a variety of plants, from astilbe perennials to ferns.

On top of these benefits, hostas are quite utilitarian. Easy to grow and surprisingly hardy, hostas can do well in a variety of light, soil and moisture conditions with little maintenance, making them a smart choice for beginning gardeners.

Tips for Choosing the Right Variety of Hosta Shade Perennials

The most key factor to consider when choosing a hosta for your garden is located. Hostas vary widely in their climate needs, with some tolerating only USDA Growing Zones 6 through 11, while others tolerate zones 3 through 8. Always check to see that the variety you like is suitable for your area before purchase, or else your hosta may not survive.

It’s also important to pick a location within your garden that’s suitable for your hosta. All Hostas need some shade, but varieties with lighter foliage need slightly more light than their darker-colored counterparts. Keep this in mind when selecting an area to plant.

Beyond these locational considerations, you can largely choose the variety of hosta you like best.

How to Care for Hosta Perennials.

Hosta care is easy, provided you know how to plant hosta shade perennials. First, make sure the location is right, with the right amount of sun and soil that is rich, moist and well-drained. If your soil is less than ideal, you can amend it with local compost or fertilizer. Once planted, add mulch around the base of your hosta to help retain moisture, and water regularly until it’s established.

Once planted, hosta plants are very easy to care for. Fertilize them each spring for the best results, and water them regularly during drier times of the year. Keep an eye out for deer foraging and slugs, as both can mar your hosta leaves.

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