Espoma Plant-Tone Fertilizers

A fertilizer that gives my plant nurtients without harming the environment or my plant's root systems? Sign me up! As a Woodie-approved product, Espoma Plant-Tone Fertilizer is the original all natural plant food made from the finest quality organics available.

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Espoma Plant-Tone Fertilizer for Sale Online

Espoma Plant Tone Plant Food is the original, all-natural plant food that's specially formulated to provide your plants, shrubs, and trees the nutrients they need. It's an all-natural plant food with a special blend that contains 100% natural and organic ingredients to give a balanced and complete food to your plants. Its natural organic substance gradually breaks down to provide a safe, and long-lasting food reservoir that is activated throughout the growing season. It is enhanced with Bio-tone beneficial microbes that boosts the growth of plants.

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