Pink Azalea Bushes for Sale Online

An American favorite, Pink Azalea shrubs are a part of many gardens nationwide because of their adaptability and elegant pink colors. They attract pollinators like bees, butterflies, birds, hummingbirds, etc. by providing nectar and shelter. Many people use these shrubs as concealing plants. Meaning, people will use them to cover up any imperfections in their yards. Their aromatic fragrance makes them an amazing plant to be the focal point of any garden or for foundation planting. Every time someone walks past these beautiful pink shrubs, they will be mesmerized by their vibrant pink shades and sweet fragrance.

How to Care for Azaleas


The key to watering Azaleas is to not overwater them, you can avoid this by watering them very slowly. This method will allow the water to be absorbed by the root area instead of being runoff and not tending to your plant's needs. We recommend watering your shrub deeply and thoroughly in the summer. Water enough that equals about 1 inch of rainwater. It is also important to not overwater and cause any damage to the root system like root rot disease. 


The best time to prune your Pink Azalea bushes is after their initial blossoms have faded but before their new blossoms bud. It is important to prune your azalea shrubs to improve their overall health, which will improve the overall appearance of your garden. When pruning regularly, these shrubs will show off a beautiful flush of new growth all blossoming season. Removing any dead or dying limbs helps minimize the possibility of diseases and allows your plant to re-concentrate its energy and produce more foliage.


Pink Azaleas grow best when they are lightly fertilized in the spring. Be careful not to fertilize if there are any more possibilities of frosts, this could cause damage to your plant. They grow best in a well-balanced, extended-release, fertilizer. We recommend using Espoma Holly-tone. Six to eight weeks later, give them another feed to encourage extra flowers and more growth on younger shrubs. Also, any kind of organic matter added to the soil can be combined with a shot of chemical fertilizer for its maximum effect.


Not necessary by any means, but we do recommend mulching your Azaleas. The right quality of mulch can add extra nutrients and protection from any weeds. We recommend using a high-quality hardwood or ground cypress (whatever is available to you locally). When applying, layer 2 to 3 inches of mulch but remember to not cover the stem. Also, keep the mulch about 1 inch away from the base of the shrub's trunk. 

Buy Azaleas Online From the Plant Experts

Pink Azaleas are easily one of the most popular shrubs in America. Their many varieties make them a plant you cannot go wrong with. You can find any that matches the style and size of your landscape.

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Types of Pink Azalea Bushes

Encore Azaleas

  • Autumn Royalty
  • Autumn Twist
  • Autumn Amethyst
  • Autumn Coral
  • Autumn Sunset
  • Autumn Bell
  • Autumn Embers
  • Autumn Sunburst 
  • Autumn Ruby
  • Autumn Majesty
  • Autumn Chiffon
  • Starburst Encore
  • Encore Autumn Carnation
  • Autumn Rouge Encore

Deciduous Azaleas

  • Pink Rosebud
  • Ribbon Candy
  • Tri-Lights
  • Weston's Lollipop
  • Coral Bells
  • Tradition Pink 
  • Conversation Piece
  • Pink and Sweet
  • Gumpo Pink
  • Girard The Robe
  • Blaauw's Pink
  • Floramore Pink
  • Floramore Hot Pink

Misc. Azaleas 

  • Bloom-A-Thon Double Pink Shrub
  • Bloom-A-Thon Hot Pink Shrub