Insect and Pest Control

Insect and Pest Control


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In gardens, there are an array of insects to appreciate, from butterflies to lightning bugs to dragonflies. Of course, it’s more than the nectar of your flowers that bring them to your landscape — it’s also the presence of non-beneficial insects, such as aphids, mites, lace bugs and earwigs.

In some instances, however, it’s a challenge to protect your trees, shrubs and flowers from destructive insects. That’s why we offer Woodie-approved gardening insect control chemicals to assist.

Types of Landscape Insect Control Chemicals for Sale

At Garden Goods Direct, we provide a selection of trusted chemicals for garden insect control, including:

If you’re unsure which products are ideal for your garden and existing insects, you’re welcome to chat with our nursery experts!

Why Use Insect Control Chemicals?

As gardeners, we prefer a natural approach to gardening and landscaping. While beneficial insects can protect against destructive ones, it’s not uncommon for an infestation to occur, especially if your garden is without a natural predator to that non-beneficial insect. That’s where the use of insect control chemicals comes into play, offering a solution to protect your plant against further damage and provide it with the means to recover and blossom in the coming seasons.

Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Insect Control Chemical

Before you browse gardening insect control chemicals for sale, discover the type of insect infestation you’re treating. Our nursery experts recommend studying your plant’s roots, stems and leaves, as well as bringing your smartphone or camera for photographing your plants and any insects, which you can reference with online resources to ensure accurate identification.

To examine your roots, dig into the nearby soil to peel back the sod. If it comes up with little effort, it’s often indicative of a root issue, such as grubs or mole crickets. When you look under the sod, you may even notice insect larvae. For your leaves and stems, look for discoloration, pitting and other damage, as well as the presence of insects like aphids, webworms or billbugs.

After discovering the insect causing damage to your plants, you’ll want to take note of the population density. For many gardeners, this is more of a “guesstimate,” but it’s helpful when deciding whether to buy gardening insect control chemicals, which are best for specific insect population densities. If you have a population of 10 white grubs within one square foot, for instance, it’s advisable to use a chemical treatment.

How to Use Insect Control Chemicals

Whenever you’re using chemicals, whether they’re for weeds, insects or diseases, follow the directions on the product from start to finish. Our nursery experts also advise wearing gloves and protective eyewear, pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Avoid spraying in windy or rainy conditions, as well as when bees are out and about.

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Gardening offers many rewards, but it’s not without its challenges. One of those is destructive insects, which thrive on your blossoming plant, leaving it tattered and lackluster. That’s why many gardeners, including our nursery experts, use insect control chemicals for gardening when needed. It’s also why we offer several insect control products for sale, all of which are Woodie-approved.

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