How To Care For Abelia Shrubs
Plant Guide

How To Care For Abelia Shrubs


Praised for its tubular blooms, attractive foliage and year-round interest, Abelia shrubs are a well-loved addition to the landscape. 

This honeysuckle relative boasts extended bloom times from spring to fall and is extremely hardy to the elements. The graceful shrub is perfect for a range of yard projects including hedges, foundation plantings, and planted on their own as a yard focal point. 

With a range of shapes, sizes, and bloom colors available, Abelia shrubs are the perfect option to brighten up and beautify any outdoor space. 

Ground Rules

Abelia Shrubs Lighting Guide


Enjoys full sun to partial shade, but provides best foliage and bloom colors in full sun

Abelia Shrubs Watering Guide


Water thoroughly until established. Once established the hardy shrub is known to be readily heat and drought tolerant. 

Abelia Shrubs Soil Guide


Fertile well-draining soil 

Abelia Shrubs Food Guide


Apply a slow-release fertilizer formulated for woody plants in early spring 

Abelia Shrubs Temperature Guide


Produces shiny semi-evergreen leaves in colder zones, while retaining year-round color in warmer regions

Abelia Shrubs Toxicity Guide


Non-toxic to people and pets

Abelia Shrubs Mulch Guide


Mulch around the root zone with organic matter to retain moisture and suppress weeds

Planting Process

  1. Remove your Abelia shrub from the container and gently tease out the roots.
  2. Dig a hole slightly deeper than the root ball and twice as wide.
  3. Place the plant in the hole so the top of the root ball is slightly above ground level. 
  4. Backfill the hole with remaining soil. 
  5. Water thoroughly daily until the plant is established. 

Abelia Types & Bloom Colors

Abelia Type Bloom Color
Abelia Kaleidoscope Bright White
Abelia Little Richard Bridal White
Rose Creek Abelia Pastel Pink
Abelia Edward Goucher Bubblegum Pink
Radiance Abelia Pearl White