Thuja Fire Chief

Thuja occidentalis 'Congabe' Plant Patent #19,009

Growzone: 5-8

Evergreen Thuja Fire Chief Shrubs

Thuja Fire Chief has bright golden spring foliage and fantastic deep red fall color. Its textual variance is sure to add personality to any landscape.

Size Price Quantity
1 GAL $24.95
3 GAL $47.95
Full Description

Low Maintenance Thuja Fire Chief Shrubs

There are so many uses for this charming arborvitae. A soft and lacy textured plant, Thuja Fire Chief forms a perfect round ball. Perfect for foundation plantings, as low hedges, or in borders. Also does well in containers! Reaching just 3-4′ over time, Thuja Fire Chief requires little to no pruning, making this the perfect, minimal care, landscape plant.

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