• blooming white christmas cactus in holiday display with decorative red christmas trees and warm holiday lights
  • close up of white christmas cactus blooms with pale white to pink petals and warm christmas lights
  • blooming white chritsmas cactus potted in front of snowy white christmas trees
  • white christmas cactus has pure white flowers with one pink pistil
  • a close up of the pure white bloom of christmas cactus with glossy green leaves

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White Christmas Cactus

Schlumbergera truncata

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White Christmas Cactus for Sale Online

Our White Christmas Cactus does well in bright and indirect light. These cheery wintertime flowers brighten up indoor spaces and look beautiful when placed in a brightly colored pot. *Please note, we classify our holiday cactus by bloom times- these cactus fall under the botanical name Schlumbergera truncata.* Other common names include False Christmas Cactus or Thanksgiving Cactus. 

The flowers have brightly colored downward-facing petals. Christmas cactus comes in a variety of different colors including, yellow, red, white, pink, salmon, and bi-color.

White Christmas Cactus does well indoors in a room that receives bright but indirect light, like an eastern or northern window sill. White Christmas Cactus will adapt to low light conditions, but the plant will produce blooms more readily if exposed to bright light. The flowers are bright white and appear prolifically when given bright, indirect light, and when exposed to room temperatures, anywhere between 65 - 75 degrees F.

The plants do like to stay on the dryer side. White Christmas Cactus looks amazing during the holiday season adding an elegant white color with foliage a bright green. The Christmas Cactus is also a cute gift for a hostess when attending a party or gathering. They are a great addition to any household because they are easy to take care of and add a touch of color.

Light Requirement of White Christmas Cactus:

The best place for your Christmas cactus to flourish is indoors. Christmas Cactus does best with bright indirect to bright direct light. Eastern exposure is ideal, a western window with a curtain works as long as the plant does not receive too much direct light. Too much direct sunlight can burn its leaves, so keep the Christmas Cactus in an appropriate area to avoid this. Protect them from cold drafts and extreme temperatures, 65-75 degrees F is recommended.

Watering White Christmas Cactus: 

Water weekly. Remove plants from any decorative foil wrappers if necessary. Place the pot with drainage holes in the sink so it will be able to drain. After watering let it sit for five minutes to drain. Depending on how hot and dry the environment is you may need to water more often. Optimum humidity is 50-60%. Once all flowers are gone withhold water for up to 6 weeks. Begin watering again when new growth appears.

Fertilizing Christmas Cactus:

Do not fertilize your Christmas Cactus while it is in bloom, the blooming period is from the beginning of November through January and some as late as May. Once the flowers fade and drop, fertilize with a blooming houseplant fertilizer such as Jack's Classic All Purpose Fertilizer or Jacks's Classic Houseplant Fertilizer. Follow the directions on the label. New foliage should begin to appear about six weeks after blooming ceases.

Best Growing Soil for Christmas Cactus:

Christmas Cactus does best in soil that provides optimum aeration & drainage, with improved moisture retention such as Espoma Cactus Potting Mix or Espoma Organic African Violet Soil. Any mix that contains sand is best because it is optimal for drainage. Drainage is key because it helps prevent rotting which is a common concern with cactus plants that are watered too much.

History and introduction of Christmas Cactus:

Christmas Cactus, also known as a hybrid Schlumbergera buckleyi, is a member of the family Cactaceae. They are categorized by their flattened stems and are grown for their colorful flowers that bloom indoors. It is native to Brazil and it grows in the rainforest, on top of trees or shrubs, or sometimes in shady places among rocks.

Growzone: 10-11 White Christmas Cactus Hardiness Zones 10-11
Hardiness Zone: 10-11

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