Holiday Gift Guide for Gardeners

Holiday Gift Guide for Gardeners

Dec 8, 2020

We guarantee the gardeners in your life will love these holiday treats

While cut flowers are nice, a living plant will last much longer, and plant gifts make perfect Christmas gifts for loved ones who love plants as much as we do. Here is our 2020 holiday list of gifts for gardeners to help give you some great gift ideas! We think the garden lover in your life will really appreciate these special treats just for them.

budding young gardeners can learn how to garden with terrariums

For starters, we are excited for our terrarium kits! These have everything you need to start a terrarium – simply add your favorite plants. Fittonias or a Rabbits Foot Fern will love a terrarium home. This way the gardener in your life can enjoy their favorite hobby indoors during the cold winter months. Terrariums also make a wonderfully educational gift for young budding gardeners learning how to take care of plants. 

a terrarium makes a great gift for gardeners in cold winter months


fittonia plants are a perfect fit in christmas gift terrariums  a rabbits foot fern is an adorable addition to any terrarium
Fittonia Rabbit’s Foot Fern


For the indoor plant enthusiasts in your life, adding a pop of pink to their greenery is a trendy look for 2021. Here are a few of our favorite trending pink houseplants that every plant parent will appreciate.

stromanthe triostar have trendy pink variegation on their leaves

Stromanthe Triostar


Aglaonema plants often have beautiful pink variegation on their leaves


red anthurium plants add a beautiful pop of holiday color

Red Anthurium 

When it comes to highly fragrant houseplants, few are as beautiful as Rosemary topiaries and Stephanotis.

Stephanotis Hoops are a special holiday season treat

rosemary ball topiary symbolize hospitality

Stephanotis Hoop  Rosemary Ball Topiary


Shrubs that bloom in winter can still make a great gift. Any seasoned gardener will know that as long as the ground is not frozen, all plants prefer to be in the ground than in a nursery pot. If you can still dig, you can still plant!

How about a flowering bush that will bloom from the winter into next spring? A Camellia Hana Jiman will fit that bill, as well as Mediterranean Winter Heather or Hellebore flowers.

camellia hana jiman are a stunning winter blooming shrub

Camellia Hana Jiman

If you’re looking for a unique gift for the outdoor gardener, here are some must-haves tools that will make their gardens thrive.

A Felco pruning set is a top notch tool that will make pruning season this winter as easy as can be.

high quality pruners are a perfect gift every gardener will appreciate

Felco Pruner

Watering tools such as the Treegator watering bags or soil soaker hose take the work out of the watering chore, so your gardeners can sit back, relax and enjoy their gardens. Let technology do the work for them!

a treegator will make watering new trees a lot easier in the spring planting season


If you don’t know which plant to get someone, you can always get them a place to put their plants! Pottery is an excellent choice for all plant lovers, especially ones who want to garden but live in more urban places and need to get creative.

Our Ecoforms pottery line is made of biodegradable rice hulls. They last up to 5 years as outdoor planters, and 10 years indoors, and they come in a range of beautiful colors inspired by nature.

Ecoforms pottery are made out of rice hulls and are biodegradable


We are also fans of the environmentally-conscious way that the Crescent lines of resin pots are made. The resin is built with a flexible structure; it is less likely to crack in extreme temperature changes, and they also come in a variety of flattering colors and finishes.

Crescent Anya resin pots are flexible and lightweight

Crescent Anya

You can still give plants to those who are not confident in their green thumbs. Some plants that are considered to be easy for beginners include spider plants, parlor palm, neon pothos, Chinese money plants, and the fashionable Monstera deliciosa!

monstera deliciosa split leaf philodendron

Monstera Deliciosa

For those that are undecided, we have the perfect gift for them as well. Woodie’s Garden Goods Direct Gift Cards make gifting easy and they never expire. This way your favorite gardeners can go and pick out everything they know they need when they’re ready to use them, like spring perennials and shrubs, grass seed, and Espoma fertilizers. These gift cards are a perfect stocking stuffer.

a gift card for garden goods is a perfect stocking stuffer

Gift Card

From all of us here at America’s Garden Center, we hope that you have a wonderful holiday season! We’ll see you in the garden.