DeWitt Dew Right Tree Watering Bag

New to tree parenthood? Easily water and grow new trees with this simple self-watering product. Dew it the right way with Dewitt's Dew Right Tree Watering Bag.

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Dewitt Dew Right Tree Watering Bag for Sale Online

DeWitt Dew Right Watering Bag to Water your Trees the right way and save water too! These 15 gallon slow-release watering bags are designed to create a drip irrigation system that provides water to your trees’ roots over time.

Eliminate all the stress revolving around keeping your new tree hydrated with this handy product. The DeWitt watering bags also work to protect your plant from frost damage, while also preventing issues of water runoff.

The DeWitt Dew Right Bags boast easy fill openings, UV stabilized materials that are resistant to sun damage, and durability even in use with nutrient and chemical fertilizers. Perfect for newly planted or established trees from 1 to 8 inches in caliper, with branches beginning at least 25 inches from the ground or higher.

Additional Information

Get the water to the Root-Zone

For most new plantings, one application of water from a single DeWitt Do Right® Original Tree Watering Bag will usually provide enough moisture to last a 1″ to 2″ caliper new tree planting for up to 7 days.*

Typically, Dewitt’s watering Bag is used during the initial first and second growing seasons (i.e. Spring through Fall) after planting. However, the bags are durable and will last for many years. Meaning that they can be used as a supplemental watering device even after establishment – especially during periods of drought.

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Why is deep watering my new tree so important?

How deep is “deep enough”?

How can I efficiently achieve deep water saturation?

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