Woodie's Favorite Spring Flowering Shrubs

Woodie's Favorite Spring Flowering Shrubs

Apr 16, 2020

Planting spring-flowering shrubs in your garden is a simple way to add natural beauty and delightful fragrance to your landscape. Their sweet-smelling blooms attract butterflies and pollinators and their presence will bring joy to you, your family, and your neighbors. Humanity is making a powerful shift and tending to Mother Earth is more important than ever. With so much uncertainty abound, grounding yourself by connecting to nature can be incredibly healing.

Close up of Purple Gem Rhododendron at Garden Goods Direct

Purple Gem Rhododendron

Spring is rich with symbolism – for many cultures it is considered the New Year and a chance for a new beginning. Life restarts and the air is filled with buzzing; there is so much beauty to be found if you only take the time to look for it. The enticing aroma carried by a breeze in springtime can stop you in your tracks and anxious thoughts slip away for that moment. Life is about manufacturing your own joy regardless of circumstance. The more blissful moments you create, the more satisfying your life becomes. The breathtaking display of blossoms emerging from dormancy is possibly one of the most magnificent events on the planet. Have you been taking it for granted?

Mophead Hydrangea in full bloom for sale at Garden Goods Direct

Endless Summer Hydrangea

Last September, a bright orange caterpillar crawled up my front door and settled on the top of my door frame. Days passed and to my utter delight, she crystallized into a beautiful chrysalis. Days and weeks passed as I anxiously awaited her emergence. I warned anyone coming and going of her presence as not to disturb her and I got more and more anxious that she might not make it through the winter.

Thirty weeks later, that beautiful chrysalis remains on the top of my door frame as healthy as ever, almost ready to emerge. I wondered why it was taking so long for her to transform but now it seems perfectly clear. She became my mascot for growth, reminding me that change takes time and stillness can be healing. My little cottage, now surrounded by blooming azaleas, plentiful hydrangeas forming new leaves, and a sea of periwinkle plants, is finally becoming the habitat that butterfly needs and desires.

Hyperbolic as it may sound, witnessing this process has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, because I allowed it to be. I encourage you to create your own ecosystem around your home, filled with flowers and life, and strive to make it a place that a small caterpillar deems safe to ride out even the most difficult winter.  

Coral Drift rose shrubs for sale at Garden Goods Direct

Coral Drift Roses