Emerald Green Arborvitae Trees

Thuja occidentalis 'Emerald Green'

The Emerald Green Arborvitae Tree is a top choice when it comes to establishing a lush evergreen privacy screen or landscape buffer. True to its name the Emerald Green Arborvitae foliage is soft and velvety to the touch, and and has an aesthetically pleasing color. This durable evergreen tree prefers partial to full sun, slightly moist soil, and requires minimal care.

Growzone: 3-7

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This Plants Growzone: 3-7
Growing Zone: 3-7
Mature Height: 14 to 16 ft.
Mature Width: 4-6 ft.
Sunlight: Full Sun
Foliage Color: Glossy Bright Green
Growth Form: Dense upright and conical
Soil Conditions: Grow best in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils. Will not tolerate extremely dry conditions
Water Requirements: Well Drained Soil

Emerald Green Arborvitae Trees for Sale Online

Emerald Green Arborvitae Trees (Thuja Smargard) are a fast-growing evergreen tree that is perfect for use as a privacy tree, screening tree, buffer tree and also a windbreak hedge.  Arborvitae Trees thrive in full sun and tolerates both heat and humidity well. This is the most widely used privacy screening tree in North America due to its narrow columnar growth habit. Use this evergreen tree near patios or decks to create a private oasis. the narrow habit will not encroach on your space. The low height will not overpower the area. 

  • One of the shorter growing arborvitaes, usually only reaching 10 to 12 feet
  • An ideal tree for use as a specimen tree or topiary
  • Arborvitae Emerald Green is also Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd'
  • A great choice for planting in pots or containers to frame an entrance

Fast-growing Emerald Green Arborvitae trees are known for their easy care. These Evergreen trees tolerate a variety of soil conditions, including heavy clay soils. Arborvitae loves full sun, but they can grow in partial shade or even dappled shade but will develop a slightly more open habit. 

If you're unsure which Privacy tree will best suit your needs we invite you to read our blog "How to Choose the Best Privacy Trees".

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Full Description

Arborvitae Emerald Green makes a fast growing privacy screen for full sun that thrives in heat and humidity and is often used as a screen. Holds its color well through the winter and can tolerate drought once established. The vibrant green color of its foliage and handsome, narrow form make this evergreen an excellent choice for planting in a row as a formal screen. If arborvitaes are allowed to grow without any pruning, they naturally grow tall and thin. They can be "topped" when they reach the desired height and will begin to grow wider creating a dense barrier. The most popular way to use Arborvitae in the landscape is to create outdoor rooms using the arborvitae as a green wall. This is a great way to extend the usable season of patios and decks as the Emerald Green Arborvitaes will block the fall winds and allow you to use your patio well into the colder months. In the winter months birds use the trees as cover or when little other plants have leaves. Arborvitae trees have a fibrous root system so there is no need to worry when planting them near foundations or sidewalks. 

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Planting Information

For the best results follow these guidelines.



Never plant Arborvitae Emerald Green Trees deeper than originally planted in the pot. As a rule, we always say that before you mulch you should still be able to see the soil from the original pot. Planting too deep can cause rotting of the stem and death to the tree. Arborvitae Emerald Greens are fairly drought tolerant, however, they grow very slow without adequate water. Staking young trees is recommended to minimize the stress on the stem from winds blowing the tree. When tying trees to stakes remember the tree will continue to grow. Loosely tie the tree with several twist ties to allow for growth. Check trees every three months and loosen the ties as needed. If this is not done, the twist tie will grow into the tree causing injury. A Pro tip that we can offer is to use a short length of old garden hose and run the tie wire through the hose. this will protect the trunk of the tree from being damaged by the tie wire. The one question that comes up often when talking to customers is “when is the best time to plant.”? For the most part, container trees can be planted year round, provided the ground isn’t frozen. Below Virginia many nurseries and Christmas tree growers field plant year round, weather permitting. When planting a potted tree, remember the only water source the tree has, is its small root ball, and all the water the tree uses must come from them until new roots can grow into the surrounding soil. New trees should be watered twice weekly (Minimum), under hot drier conditions possibly more. Care should be taken not to over water. More trees die from over watering than under.



We recommend when planting your Arborvitae Emerald Greens to use Bio-tone starter fertilizer by Espoma. We have trialed many so-called “starter fertilizers” over the years and have come to rely on Bio-tone exclusively for our own use. Simply mix the recommended amount of Bio-tone into the backfill soil and water in generously when backfilled. Bio-tone® Starter Plus is an all-natural plant food that is combined with a stronger concentration of our beneficial bacteria along with both endo and ectomycorrhizae. Basically, the “good” fungus in Bio-tone colonizes on the growing roots of your newly planted plant and does not allow the disease-causing fungus to attack the new roots. It has also shown promise in stimulating the growth of the new roots which means a quicker establishment for your plant. After establishment and during the following years we recommend Holly-tone used at the recommended rates for your arborvitae ’emerald green’. It is also an organic and slow release which will feed your trees the proper amount of nutrients over a period of time rather than all at once which can burn the root tips and actually have the opposite effect of slowing down plant growth. It also will help to maintain the acid level in the soil that Arborvitae Emerald Green Trees need to thrive.



After backfilling and lightly compacting the 50/50 mix of existing soil and compost give the Arborvitae Emerald Green a good deep watering. This is not to be rushed. most of the water you put on the plant at first will run away from the plant until the soil is soaked. A general rule of thumb is to count to 5 for every one gallon of pot size. For example, a one-gallon pot would be watered until you count to 5 a three-gallon pot would be 15 and so on. Check the plant daily for the first week or so and then every other day thereafter. Water using the counting method for the first few weeks.



We highly recommend that you mulch your Arborvitae Emerald Green with either a ground hardwood mulch or a ground cypress mulch depending on your local availability. Any type of mulch will do but cypress or hardwood mulch will be of a higher quality and provide better nutrition overall as they breakdown. Mulching helps to keep weeds away which will compete with your new investment for water and nutrients. A 2 to 3-inch layer of mulch is sufficient but remember to take care not to cover any part of the stem of the plant with mulch. It is better to leave a one-inch gap of space between the mulch and the stem or trunk of the plant.

Frequently Asked questions

How do I prune Arborvitae Emerald Green Trees?

How do I Prune Arborvitae Emerald Green?

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