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Tree Staking kit by DeWitt

Give a little extra support to your newly planted trees with the Dewitt Tree Staking Kit. Very easy to set up and reliable.

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DeWitt Tree Staking Kit for Sale Online

It is easy for one person to stake a tree with DeWitt Tree Stake Kits. DeWitt Tree Stake Kits are the professional choice for both commercial and residential applications. Kits include unique (1) non-girdling support strap which can be removed and reused, (3) 10 feet sections of tree rope and (3) 15-inch plastic stakes. Instructions are Included.

Additional Information

Newly-planted trees typically need support to stabilize their root-ball and keep the stem straight, we have tried many variations of "kits" sold on the market today and have found the 15 inch Dewitt tree staking kit to be superior by leaps and bounds. This kit includes everything you need to stake trees up to 2.5 inches in diameter. It uses a a unique non-girdling strap that was designed to allow the bark underneath to dry out after rain. This should give you the piece of mind that you are doing everything you can to help your newly planted tree every chance to "Survive and Thrive".

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