Cluster of Leyland Cypress Evergreen Trees creating privacy screen Dark green Leyland Cypress Evergreen Tree used as fast-growing privacy screen for landscape Forest green Leyland Cypress Evergreen tree leaf close up of branch Leyland Cypress Evergreen Tree manicured as a privacy screen with pristine green lawn
Cluster of Leyland Cypress Evergreen Trees creating privacy screen Dark green Leyland Cypress Evergreen Tree used as fast-growing privacy screen for landscape Forest green Leyland Cypress Evergreen tree leaf close up of branch Leyland Cypress Evergreen Tree manicured as a privacy screen with pristine green lawn

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Leyland Cypress Trees

Cupressus × leylandii

Leyland Cypress Trees are prized for their hardiness and fast growth rate, making them ideal for hedges, windbreaks, and privacy screens. Its bright evergreen foliage and conical shape provide additional ornamental value to any landscape. If you're looking to add privacy to your outdoor space, Leyland Cypress is the tree for you.

Growzone: 5-9

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Leyland Cypress Tree for Sale Online

Leyland Cypress (Cupressocyparis leylandii) is a fast growing evergreen tree known for its bright lime green foliage. Leyland Cypress trees grow 2 feet per year, and can reach heights of 60 feet tall over time.

Leyland Cypress trees have rapid growth and are great for creating fast privacy for your home, and grow in a variety of soils. It can also be planted in clusters in corners of your garden or to hide smaller permanent fixtures in the garden (ex. well caps or utility boxes).

This hybrid tree was created in 1888, when the female flowers or cones of Nootka Cypress were fertilized by pollen from Monterey Cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa). Today, Leyland Cypress is one of the most popular conifer trees in the United States loved by landscape enthusiasts.

This large specimen tree grows best in full-sun, and looks great when planted in mass. Leyland Cypress is one of the fastest growing privacy trees that you can choose for your outdoor space. Learn how to plant privacy screens at home in our blog.

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Leyland Cypress Plant GuideHow to Plant Leyland Cypress

Growing Zone: 5-9
Mature Height: 40 to 50 Feet
Mature Width: 20 Feet
Sunlight: Full sun
Foliage Color: Greenish blue
Growth Form: Upright pyramidal
Soil Condition: Very tolerant of all soil types
This Plants Growzone: 5-9 Leyland Cypress Trees Hardiness Zone

How to Care for Leyland Cypress Trees

Once you buy a Leyland Cypress tree, make sure to read about the recommended care instructions to keep this plant healthy and thriving.

When should I water Leyland Cypress Trees?

When should I water Leyland Cypress Trees?

To help your Leyland Cypress tree roots to establish, apply 2-3 gallons of water for each inch of trunk in diameter several times a week. Do not add water if the root ball is saturated. Follow this schedule for 3-6 months depending on the USDA Zone you live in. Leyland Cypress grows in almost all soils, but is hardy in zones 3 to 7.

Once established, apply 1 gallon a week to the root ball. You can discontinue irrigation once the deciduous trees in your area have dropped their leaves. You should try to moisten the soil 2-3 feet deep each time you irrigate.

Depending on the soil condition, you may need more or less water. Clay for instance is more difficult to saturate and requires adding the water more slowly, while sandy soil absorbs water quickly. Keep this in mind when watering your newly planted tree. It is best to water your tree with a soaker hose, not a sprinkler.

What is the best soil for Leyland Cypress Trees?

What is the best soil for Leyland Cypress Trees?

Leyland Cypress Trees grow well in a wide range of soils, ranging from all sand to pure red clay. When planting in very sandy soils, adding organic matter is always recommended to improve the soils ability to hold water and nutrients.

When planting in hard clay soils, it's best to dig the hole several feet wider than the root system. Once complete, fill the hole with soft loam soil to give the young Leyland Cypress tree a faster, more aggressive root system.

Leyland Cypress prefers well drained soils but will tolerate wet soils for short periods of time. Leylands should never be planted in soils that are excessively wet for long periods of time. Since Leyland Cypress have a shallow root system, weeds and grass growing around the tree will cause the tree to grow much slower until established.

Mulching will improve your growth three fold. Mulch not only stops weeds and grass, it will hold soil moisture and maintain a lower, even soil temperature, stimulating more aggressive root growth.

When should I fertilize my Leland Cypress?

When should I fertilize my Leland Cypress?

Leyland Cypress is best fertilized in early spring. We recommend when planting your plants to use Bio-tone starter fertilizer by Espoma. We have tested many so-called “starter fertilizers” over the years and have come to rely on Bio-tone exclusively for our own use. Simply mix the recommended amount of Bio-tone into the backfill soil and water in generously when back filled.

Bio-tone® Starter Plus is an all-natural plant food that is combined with a stronger concentration of beneficial bacteria along with both endo and ecto mycorrhizae.

The “good” fungus in Bio-tone colonizes the growing roots of your newly planted plant and does not allow disease causing fungus to attack the new roots. It has also shown promise in stimulating the growth of the new roots which means quicker establishment for your plant.

After establishment and during the following years we recommend Holly-tone used at the recommended rates. It is also an organic and slow release which will feed your trees the proper amount of nutrients over a period of time rather than all at once. It also will help to maintain the acid level in the soil that Leylands need to thrive.

How do I plant Leyland Cypress Trees?

How do I plant Leyland Cypress Trees?

Never plant Leyland Cypress deeper than originally planted in the pot. Before you mulch, you should still be able to see the soil from the original pot. Planting too deep can cause rotting of the stem and death to the tree.

Staking young trees is recommended to minimize the stress on the stem from winds blowing the tree. When tying trees to stakes remember the tree will continue to grow. Loosely tie the tree with several twist ties to allow for growth. Check trees every 3 months and loosen as needed to prevent tree injury.

A Pro tip that we can offer is to use a short length of old garden hose and run the tie wire through the hose. This will protect the trunk of the tree from being damaged by the tie wire. When planting a potted tree, remember the only water source the tree has is its small root ball. All the water the tree uses must come from the root ball until new roots can grow into the surrounding soil.

Leyland Cypress are very drought tolerant; however, cypresses grow very slowly without adequate water. New trees should be watered twice weekly (minimum), under hot drier conditions possibly more. Avoid over watering; most trees die from over watering than under.

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