Trees with Pink Flowers for Sale

Everyone's favorite time of the year is when the days begin to get longer, and the transition between the bleak winter landscape and the fantastic spring color show is beginning. During this time, spring bulbs like daffodils and tulips start to emerge from the frozen ground with grass-like sprouts, and tiny buds appear on trees and shrubs. 

Spring is the time when we all breathe a sigh of relief that life is starting again in the landscape. If you are a keen observer, you'll notice that vibrant pink buds are beginning to swell on the bare branches and will soon burst forth with spring blooms. Pink flowering trees are often seen as the harbingers of springs promise.

What are these delightful Pink ladies of the landscape? There are many pink flowering trees, and the show doesn't stop in the spring. There are many Pink flowering trees, and by using the different trees in your landscape, your landscape can continue to produce shades of pink throughout the growing season.

We've tried to make it easier for you to choose the best pinks from our selection of flowering trees by breaking down our beautiful flowering tree collections by color. No matter what growing zone you garden in, we're confident that you can find a tree that works in your hardiness zone. From early spring flowers to fall colors, these trees were chosen especially for you so that you can take advantage of all the beauty and value that these popular flowering trees add to your home.

Pink Spring Flowering Trees

Flowering Cherry Trees draw thousands of visitors to the Washington DC area every year in the early spring for the annual cherry blossom festival. Cherry Trees are thought of as the first pink flowering tree in the spring. There is no better spring combination of colors than the cherry tree's soft pastel pink and white flowers.

Redbud Trees follow right behind cherry trees during the spring flower show. Often when cherries begin blooming, you can notice the pink buds beginning to swell on the redbud branches. The branches are almost entirely covered with flowers on these native trees.

Redbuds offer three seasons of interest as the leaves of many redbud cultivars add to the summer color palette with shades of deep merlot red, oranges, and soft yellows. The show continues when the fall foliage develops warm shades of yellow and deep reds.

With their large flowers, Magnolias produce shades of pink ranging from pastel pinks to deep pink. When most people think of magnolias, they automatically picture the towering Southern Magnolia trees with their large deep green leaves and white flowers. People are starting to notice the deciduous varieties that bloom in a range of pink shades.

Magnolia Centennial Blush's pastel pink to the deep, almost rose pink of Magnolia Jane. These are the deciduous cousins of the southern magnolia and are well suited for growing in the north and are also one of the best fragrant flowering trees in the spring.

American Dogwood Trees flower later in the spring, often in late April through May. Cherokee Brave Dogwood grows to about 20 feet tall and is a fast-growing dogwood tree. The flower show gets larger as the tree ages. The beautiful dark pink flowers with white centers are a show-stopper when in full bloom.

Crabapple Trees flower in Apple and May and also produce a three-season show. The beauty of a crabapple tree is multi-faceted. In the spring, you get the gorgeous flowers that cover the tree. As the flowers fade, the small and colorful fruits form, adding color to the tree. The leaves put forth shades of yellow, orange, red, and even purple in the fall. Birds adore the small fruits, so you also benefit from sustaining nature with these beautiful trees.

Pink Summer Flowering Trees

Crape Myrtle trees cannot be forgotten when talking about Pink Flowering Trees. Few trees are as colorful as a Crape Myrtle tree in full bloom. Pink Velour Crape Myrtle flowers in the summer and the pink cotton candy-colored blooms are highlighted by the dark almost purple foliage. Not to be outdone is the Muskogee Crape Myrtle a very hardy selection and one of the taller varieties. Muskogee almost blooms for a full six months.

Pink Flowering Kousa Dogwood is one of the most beautiful pink flowering trees. Kousa dogwoods bloom in the very early summer and the flowers last nearly a month before turning to large red berries that birds adore. Japanese dogwoods are easier to grow than our native dogwoods and should find a place in the landscape relatively easily. The foliage stays clean and fresh through the growing season and takes on a reddish-purple color in the fall.