• Terracotta pot of Meyer Lemon Tree bearing bright yellow citrus fruits on a terrace
  • Bright Yellow Meyer Lemon Tree Citrus Fruits
  • Meyer Lemon Tree fragrant flowers with bright yellow ripe lemons

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Meyer Lemon Tree

Citrus limon 'Improved Meyer'

Growing up to 8 feet tall and bearing large amounts of fruit, this easy-to-grow, indoor citrus tree will elevate your home décor. Blooms fragrant white flowers to compliment yellow citrus and deep green foliage.

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Meyer Lemon Trees for Sale Online

When life doesn't give you lemons...grow them! The Meyer Lemon tree is an improved lemon tree cultivar that produces sweet, juicy lemons! The fruits this tree produces are often described as 'rounder' and 'less seedy' than your typical lemon.

Brought to the United States from China in 1908, this citrus tree has since climbed the ladder in popularity and become an icon in the world of plants that grow indoors and out. The Improved Meyer Lemon Tree made our Trendiest House Plants of 2020 list and has since remained a popular indoor plant throughout the years!

Meyer Lemon Trees(citrus Limon 'Improved Meyer') grow fragrant white blooms and later produce fruits. As Meyer Lemon Trees mature, they will bear more quantities of fruit. The fruits are green when growing, but after several months of tender love and care, they turn a vivid yellow when ripe. The ideal time for harvest is when the fruit is yellow and soft to the touch.

Your Meyer Lemon Tree requires bright indirect light and a well-draining soil medium. A south-facing window is the ideal location for this sun-loving tree. It is important to note that Fruit-producing trees do not enjoy soaking in wet soil for long. A chunky potting soil blend and a container with drainage holes are essential for the well-being of your citrus tree.

Your Lemon tree will also benefit from applying a slow-release fertilizer high in nutrients. We recommend using Espoma Citrus Tone in the spring and early summer!

While many choose to grow Meyer Lemon Trees outdoors, you may decide to grow your tree in a container and bring it indoors for the winter if you live in a colder growing zone. When grown in containers, these trees typically reach a mature height between four and five feet tall.

For more in-depth Meyer Lemon Tree care instructions, be sure to check out our Citrus Tree Care Guide!

Once you've mastered lemons, you can move on to growing other fruit-bearing trees like our Calamondin Orange Tree or our Key Lime Tree! The world is your oyster...or should we say lemon?

NOTE: Does not ship to Arizona (AZ), California (CA), or Texas (TX) due to Phytosanitary rules and regulations.

Growzone: 8-11 Meyer Lemon Tree Hardiness Zone 8-11
Hardiness Zone: 8-11
Mature Height: 8 to 10 Feet
Mature Width: 3 to 5 Feet
Sunlight: Full sun
Water Requirements: Allow to dry out between waterings
Flowers: White, fragrant
Foliage: Green
Habit: Rounded
Details: Easily grown, very fragrant

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How do I plant a Meyer Lemon Indoors?

How is a Meyer Lemon Different from a Regular Lemon?

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