Key Lime Tree

Citrus × aurantiifolia

Growzone: 9-11

Indoor Edible Fruit Producing Key Lime Trees

Key Lime trees need sufficient water for new growth and flowers so keep watered regularly.  Even Indoors it will produce fruit that has an extremely high, moisture content. Great for making the Pies that bear its name.

Size Price Quantity
1 to 2 feet $36.95
2 to 3 feet $69.95
3 to 4 feet $79.95
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Growing Key Lime Trees Indoors

Key Lime tree needs sufficient water for new growth, flowers and to produce fruit that have an extremely high, moisture content. When watering citrus at a rate to meet their needs, it is important for the container to be porous. In plastic pots, the top of the soil may appear dry when soil at the bottom of the pot is still wet. The plastic does not allow the roots at the bottom of the pot to retain sufficient oxygen and that often leads to rotting roots. That is why terracotta flower pots work so well, because they are porous and allow the roots to have moisture and oxygen at the same time.

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