Rose Bushes for Sale Online

Rose Bushes for Sale Online

Buy Rose Bushes Online at Garden Goods Direct

Rose bushes, climbing roses, and hybrid teas create a classically romantic look for your home, with their graceful beauty and variety of colors. These flowering shrubs complement both formal and informal gardens, adding a level of class to any home.

Garden Goods Direct offers an extensive selection of low-maintenance rose plants for sale, so you can buy what fits your needs online. On top of our variety of shrub rose and climbing rose options, we offer the advice you need to grow them in your garden. Not sure what hardiness zone you live in? We can help! Check your grow zone here to see how rose bushes and other plants will do in your area. Shop with America’s gardening experts, view our selection of rose bushes for sale below!

What are the Benefits of Buying Rose Bushes?


Rose bushes are one of the most popular plants and for good reason! They offer many benefits that you do not get with other types of shrubs or bushes available for sale. A few of the main benefits that rose bushes provide include:


Unlike other plants and flowers that are always the same color and size, roses are available in many different varieties. There are so many different types of roses that you’re sure to find the exact one that matches your style.


Because rose bushes come in a wide variety, they are also extremely versatile plants. You can use them as a hedge, bush, ground or wall cover, container plant, or cut flower. Not many plants are quite as versatile as roses.


As well as being beautiful to look at, roses also have a beautiful aroma. Adding roses to your home and garden can make that wonderful fragrance something you get to experience daily. The aura of roses can make time spent in your yard or garden much more enjoyable.

How to Order Rose Bushes Online for Your Home


Ordering anything online can have a tricky element to it because you’re not there to purchase your plant in-person. However, the same rules still apply! For instance, consider the following:

Know Your Grow Zone

Grow zones, also known as hardiness zones, are geographically defined zones to specify where plants are capable of growing and surviving the minimum temperatures of the zone. First and foremost, find your grow zone. Woodie and his team of plant experts have done the heavy lifting and have refined the list of rose bushes that will grow best depending on what hardiness zone you live in within the United States. All you need to do is pick your favorite from the list!

How Much Space Do You Have?

As you’re planning your garden and buying rose bushes, keep in mind the mature size of the plant. Most rose bushes will arrive at maturity in two to three years. Plan your landscaping space according to the mature size of the plant. Also, remember that some varieties grow taller than others.

Bloom Times and Frequency

The time that the roses bloom and how often they do varies among different rose plants. When properly cared for, some roses will only bloom once, but have a spectacular show of color, whereas others are repeat bloomers that will continue to bloom the whole season when properly cared for.

What Color Do You Want?

There is nothing worse than spending time and money planning your garden only to find out that the color of the foliage and blooms of the plant you bought do not look good in your landscape. Roses come in many colors and sizes, so you can choose the aesthetic you prefer.

How Do You Care for Roses?

Roses are a hardier plant and easier to care for than most people assume. However, they still do require proper care to thrive.


You should plant all roses in the spring and give them enough room to grow. The exact amount of room they need depends on the variety, but other care factors remain somewhat similar.


Roses typically need about two inches of water a week and regular fertilization throughout the blooming cycle to support healthy growth. Mulching is also an excellent idea to help retain soil moisture.


Maintaining roses and vines also involves pruning, which mostly means deadheading flowers, removing deadwood, and destroying any old or diseased plant materials. Always watch out for any signs of disease or infestation — though roses are very hardy plants, rot, and black spots can occur if you’re not paying attention.

For more information on how to plant and care for Rose Bushes, follow the steps in our planting guide: How to Grow Roses.

Types of Rose Bushes for Sale at Garden Goods Direct


It may come as a surprise that many varieties of roses are quite easy to grow and maintain. These beautiful shrubs can serve as both a centerpiece and a border for the rest of your garden. With dense foliage and vivid blooms, our selection of rose bushes for sale are the best you can find, with varieties including:

Drift Roses

These ground cover roses are easy to care for and disease resistant. Pairing well with nearly all perennials, the Drift series of roses bloom through the summer and are highly resistant to diseases found in most roses and flowering shrubs, like black spot and rot.

Knock Out Roses

Knock out roses are another line of compact shrub rose — they typically grow between three and four feet tall and just as wide. They’re also extremely hardy, warding off black spots, drought, and other common garden problems.

Oso-Easy Roses

As a starter rose plant, you might try Oso Easy Roses. Like all the roses listed above, Oso Easy Roses are highly disease resistant and easy to care for. Serving as a low hedge or edging, you can incorporate Oso Easy Roses into any landscape.

Buy Rose Bushes Online from America’s Gardening Experts


If you want to try growing roses in your garden, order rose bushes online with Garden Goods Direct. As Americas Online Garden Center, we offer an incredible variety of plants through a secure online ordering process. Each plant earns Woodie’s Seal of Approval, so you can be sure you’re getting a healthy, quality plant that will bring you joy for years to come.

With just a few clicks, your roses will be set for delivery directly to your doorstep. Shop our selection of rose bushes for sale and let us help you build the garden of your dreams!