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Buy Rose Bushes for Sale Online

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Shrub Roses and Climbing Roses for Sale at Garden Goods Direct

Rose bushes and climbing roses create a classically romantic look for your home, with their graceful beauty and variety of colors. These flowering shrubs compliment both formal and informal gardens, adding a level of class to any home. 

Garden Goods Direct offers an extensive selection of low-maintenance rose bushes, so you can buy what fits your needs online. On top of our variety of shrub rose and climbing rose options, we offer the advice you need to grow them in your garden.

What Types of Roses Are There?

It may come as a surprise that many varieties of roses are quite easy to grow and maintain, resulting in a beautiful shrub that can serve as both a centerpiece and a border for the rest of your garden. With dense foliage and vivid blooms, rose shrubs from Garden Goods Direct are the best you can find, with varieties including: 

How Do you Use the Different Types of Roses?

Rose are beautiful additions to any property, adding an elegant pop of color to a home that increases curb appeal and interest. Flowering easily and providing up to year-round blooms, roses help add to your home’s overall aesthetic. Even better, they can be used to cover up eyesores like AC units or utility meters, improving your home’s appearance even further.

Rose aren’t only useful for their aesthetic appeal, though. Roses attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, promoting the health of your environment. Ground cover type roses are also excellent for preventing soil erosion and deterring weeds in your garden, reducing maintenance efforts.

How Can You Find the Right Rose for Your Home?

When choosing a rose bush for your home, considering its purpose is essential. Are you looking for something to use as a ground cover, a hedge-type plant or something to climb a trellis? Ground cover is an excellent choice for preventing wind erosion, while hedges and climbing plants are suitable for walkway borders and covering up eye-sores.

Color is also important to consider, as it plays a significant role in the aesthetic appearance of your garden. You’ll need to think about the color palette of your garden, as well as your personal color preferences. You don’t want to pick a clashing color or shades that are too similar.

If you’re not sure which variety of rose best fits your garden’s needs, contact Garden Goods Direct to speak with a nursery expert and get the personalized advice you need.

How Do You Care for Your Roses?

You should plant all roses in the spring and give them enough room to grow. The exact amount of room they need depends on the species of plant, but other care factors remain somewhat similar. Roses and vines typically need about two inches of water a week and regular fertilization throughout the blooming cycle to support healthy growth. Mulching is also a good idea to help retain soil moisture.

Maintaining roses and vines also involves pruning, which mostly means deadheading flowers, removing dead wood and destroying any old or diseased plant materials. Always watch out for any signs of disease or infestation — though roses are very hardy plants, rot and black spot can occur if you’re not paying attention. Be sure to research local pests, as well, to see if any pose a threat to your rose beds.

For specific details on the proper care and keeping of your rose and vine plants, check the instructions or contact Garden Goods Direct to speak with a nursery expert.

Buy Your Roses from Garden Goods Direct Today

If you want to try growing one of our low-maintenance rose in your garden, order online with Garden Goods Direct. As the number one online nursery in America, we offer an incredible variety of plants through a secure online ordering process. Each plant earns Woodie’s Seal of Approval, so you can be sure you’re getting a healthy, quality purchase.

With a few clicks, your roses will be set for delivery directly to your doorstep. Order from Garden Goods Direct today to get your rose and vine plants!