Knockout Roses for Sale Online

If you love roses, but are worried about taking care of them, shop our selection of Knockout roses for sale from Garden Goods Direct! Knockout rose bushes are beautiful and easy to grow, and are known for their simple care requirements, cold hardiness, and disease resistance. Buy Knockout roses in groups or masses to complete your garden and add color, dimension, and elegance to your home. Or you can purchase a specimen and use it as a focal point in your yard. Enjoy the benefits of rose bushes without the hassle of traditional rose bushes!

When you buy Knockout roses online from Garden Goods Direct, we ensure quality every time by having Woodie personally approve each one of our plants! Knockout roses do well in most climates, but it’s always a good idea to check your grow zone here before purchasing to ensure that the roses will be able to thrive in your climate. Shop our selection of Knockout rose bushes for sale below!

What are the Benefits of Knockout Rose Bushes?

Knockout roses were created by a rose breeder named William Radler. His goal was to create a rose that was easier to care for and disease-resistant. His creation of the Knockout rose revolutionized roses as a whole. They have become a top seller across the nation and have many benefits compared to traditional roses.

Ease of Care and Hardiness

Flowering Knockout rose bushes are extremely resistant to disease and drought, making them easy to care for. They are also proven to be very cold hardy and can survive in many climates that traditional roses can not. On top of these benefits, they are repeat bloomers, producing fresh flowers every five to six weeks between spring and the first hard frost. This means that you get to enjoy a beautiful show of color for the entire season!


Knockout roses also pair well with a variety of other plants. When planted with flowers, like daylilies, coneflowers, and other perennials, the comparative density and height of Knockout rose shrubs provide an excellent backdrop. When paired with larger shrubs like boxwoods, they provide elegance and beauty on par with traditional roses.

We recommend buying Knockout roses in color groupings according to the space you’re seeking to fill. When planted 30-36” apart, they will give your landscape a beautiful boost of color and dimension. Just as with other shrubs, rose bushes that are planted in color mass groupings make for an excellent second level foundation planting or to establish a mid-sized border around your property.

Highly Resilient

We briefly touched on this above, but Knockout roses are highly recognized for being resilient and resistant to diseases and pests. This is excellent news for gardeners of all levels, both experts and novices! Everyone loves a low-maintenance plant, especially one as beautiful and fragrant as a rose bush. Another thing that makes Knockout roses so popular is their ability to thrive in varying hardiness zones, which means you won’t be limited by the region you live in as you would with other plants that are more sensitive to the varying climate.

How to Buy the Right Knockout Rose Bushes for Your Yard

Geographic Location

The first step in choosing the right Knockout rose shrub is to find the right location for them. Knockout roses are a type of flowering shrub, which means that they will prefer a mostly sunny area along with some room to grow and spread out over time. Keep that in mind when mapping out the best spot for it on your property. Knockout roses grow well between plant hardiness zones 3 and 9, making them a great choice for all but the northernmost and southernmost regions of the continental United States.If you aren’t sure what grow zone you live in, let us help you find your hardiness zone!

How Much Sunlight Do You Get?

Since Knockout roses require full to partial sun for the highest quality blooms, it’s important that it's planted in a section of your garden that can deliver on that. Not all varieties require full sun. There are certain varieties such as the Sunny Knockout which can bloom with as little as 3 hours a day of direct sunlight.

Consider the Other Colors in Your Landscape

An often overlooked aspect of picking the right plant for your garden is considering the overall color scheme of your landscape and home. For example, if you have a dark-colored home, you may want to pick a Knockout rose with a lighter color blossom to give it more contrast and help it pop (and vise versa)! Choose the best coloration for your aesthetic preferences when shopping from our collection of Knockout rose bushes for sale.

How to Care for Flowering Knockout Rose Bushes

Knockout rose shrubs are much easier to care for than traditional roses. Woodie and his team of experts provide detailed planting instructions on the website. While there may be some nuances in care instructions between the specific variations, we’ve provided some general information on care and maintenance that can be applied to all Knockout rose bushes:


As discussed before, you should plant Knockout shrubs in areas with full to partial sun to achieve the highest quality blooms. In addition to that, we recommend digging a hole that’s as deep as the container the rose bush is delivered in and twice as wide. This will give it enough room to spread out as it grows over time.


Once established, water your Knockout roses every one to two days to keep soil moist . During the initial stages of planting the rose bush, it will require a more frequent watering schedule. After that, it can benefit from thorough watering once or twice a week. Be sure that the soil drains well to avoid the roots from rotting.


Knockout roses should be fertilized once after every bloom cycle to support bloom growth. They like nutrient-rich soil and ample fertilization. Fertilizer and other organic matter, like compost, will provide it with the boost of nutrients that any plant needs for sustainable and healthy growth.


Pruning is largely unnecessary until late winter or early spring, and even then, try to wait for a year or two before pruning unless you want the shrub to keep a specific shape. At the time of annual pruning make sure to remove any dead or broken branches. When planted with the intent to establish a mass or color grouping, let the side branches grow and extend out so they intermingle with the rose bushes surrounding it. This will encourage the roses to eventually grow completely together in one larger rose mass.

For more information on how to plant and care for Rose Bushes, follow the steps in our planting guide: How to Grow Roses.

Types of Knockout Rose Bushes

Knockout roses are a specific breed of rose shrubs, cultivated for their toughness and easy care requirements. Garden Goods Direct offers several varieties in a range of colors from peach and pink, to red and yellow. They also vary in size and fragrance, so you can find a variety that meets all your aesthetic needs!

What is a Double Knockout Rose?

You will see Knockout roses referred to as either “single” or “double.” This refers to the appearance of the petals. Double Knockout roses appear to have a secondary flower in the center, making it a larger and more full bloom. Shop our selection of Double Knockout roses for sale below!

What are the Colors of Knockout Roses Bushes for Sale?


The Red varieties of the Knockout rose families are the Double Red and Single Red varieties. The fiery coloration is sure to liven up any landscape with a classically cheerful vibe. These varieties also have excellent drought tolerance if you live in a drier climate or forget to water them from time to time.


The Pink varieties are the Single Pink and Double Pink varieties, which are slightly more compact. The bright bubblegum pink version of the Knockout rose is extremely disease resistant and is not phased by heat and humidity.


For those who crave yellow in their gardens, there is the Sunny Knockout rose variety, a creamy cultivar that pops nicely from its dark foliage and adds a dramatic contrast among the rest of your plants. The Sunny Knockout is also the only fragrant member of the Knockout family. If you want the beauty and delicious aroma of roses, but want something easy to care for, the Sunny Knockout is the plant for you!


Last but not least in our offerings is the Peachy Knockout rose. This stunning rose has pink petals that become yellow in the center creating the look of a peach rose. As the temperature starts to drop, this rose turns up the color even more and gives you a vibrant finish to the season.

History and introduction of Knockout Roses:

When rosarian William Radler was a teenager, he resolved to breed a hardy rose that was beautiful, bloomed all season, was disease-resistant and maintained an attractive shrub-like habit. He remains committed to breeding the "high-maintenance" issues out of his roses. He succeeded with his first introduction, Knock Out™, the award-winning shrub rose that mail-order catalogs call "perhaps the best-ever landscape rose for four-season interest." Mr. Radler germinated the first Knock Out seed in his basement during the winter of 1988–89, and that spring he planted the small shrub outside in his garden. The following 11 years were spent overseeing bud grafting, testing, and production of more stock.

The rose was offered to the All America Rose Selections committee and declared a winner in 1997. Knock Out became available to the public with 250,000 plants in production. And a star was born. In 1992 a well-known company known as Star Roses & Plants near Philadelphia signed a contract with Radler to begin testing on his new rose, a process which took eight years. With testing complete, the company filed for a patent and named the new, easy-care rose Knockout. Sales began in the year 2000.