Knockout Roses

Knockout Roses


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Knock Out Roses are Low-maintenance, and very Cold-hardy. They are the longest blooming Roses in existence. They will provide your garden with the most reliable blooms. You could say the Knock Out® Family of Roses has many reasons to be the number one selling rose in America and you’d be correct!

Bred especially for their disease-resistance by award-winning rose breeder Bill Radler, Knock Out® Roses are hailed for their easy-care, beautiful blooms and vigorous growth habits. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance rose with stunning color, look no further than a Knock Out® Rose.

If like many gardeners, you are afraid to try roses in your garden because you think roses require to much care, you need to try any member of the Knock Out® Family of Roses. They are the only rose that requires no special care from you, the Knock Out Family of shrub roses will reward you with up to eight months blooms from spring to frost.

Have you considered adding Knock out Roses to your landscape, but aren’t sure where to start? Or maybe you think all roses require to much upkeep? Let us help change your mind about Roses. 

Information on our best selling Knock Out Roses:

Double Pink Knockout Rose: Double Pink Knock Out Rose is the perfect rose bush for those who hate the headaches of rose gardening. Now, you can enjoy nine-months of trouble-free, show-stopping pink blooms. Easy to care for and disease resistant, this long blooming beauty will add interest and color to your yard or landscape.

Red Double Knock Out Rose: Double Red Knock Out Rose is an easy to grow truly low maintenance shrub. It blooms nonstop from spring until frost. Cherry red blooms brighten up any full sun garden.

Pink Knockout Rose: Pink Knockout Rose begins to bloom in late May and just never stops until the cold weather begins, covering itself with fluorescent pink, single flower over deep green, shiny foliage. Unsurpassed disease resistance.

Knockout Rose: The original member of The Knock Out® Family, this shrub rose set a new standard in disease resistance with little to no maintenance required. It produces rich cherry red, fading to hot pink blooms that will continue until the first hard frost.

Sunny Knockout Rose: Sunny Knockout Rose feature single,  fragrant, creamy yellow roses to 3.5” diameter that bloom in clusters from May to frost. It is best noted for its ability to bloom in as little as 3 hours per day of direct sun with excellent disease resistance.

Peachy Knock Out Rose: Peachy Knock Out Rose is an easy to grow truly low maintenance shrub. It blooms nonstop from spring until frost.  Peach colored  blooms brighten up any full sun garden.

How to Care for your Knock Out Roses:

Knock Out Roses are best planted in Full to Partial Sun as this brings out the best color and the most blooms. Very Little maintenance is required from you once the plants are established. A supplemental watering is sometimes beneficial during periods of prolonged drought. In the Late Winter Knock Out Roses can be pruned back hard to promote branching and since Knock Out Roses flower on new growth this will help the plant produce hundreds of vibrant blooms. Because Knock Outs flower so much we do suggest a spring Fertilizer application and this can be as easy as spreading Rose-Tone by Espoma around the base of your plants and let the rain wash it in.

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