Groundcover Drift Roses for Sale Online

Drift Roses are a blend between miniature roses and full sized ground cover roses. Their stamina, hardiness, and disease resistance comes from the latter and their manageable size and frequent blooms come from the former.

Drift Roses are a unique member of the rose family, resembling something between a ground cover and a miniature rose bush. These compact rose bushes only grow to about 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide at their largest, making them an excellent choice for planting in smaller, harder-to-reach places. Drift roses come in a variety of colors ranging from red and pink to yellow and white, and each variety has slightly different features. For example, the peach drift rose has a larger bloom than average, completely covering the shrub, and it’s one of the most disease-resistant varieties. On the other hand, the vibrant red variety has a comparably smaller bloom and darker coloration. The Drift rose family is some of the best flowering shrubs you can get for your garden. With colorful blooms that appear from mid-spring to late fall, flowering drift rose shrubs add easy-to-maintain color to your landscape. Drift Roses make perfect groundcover roses in sunny areas of the landscape.

Types of Drift Roses

  • Apricot Drift Rose: Apricot Drift Roses sport double apricot-colored flowers that begin blooming in spring and last all season long. Apricot Drift Roses are just as tough and disease-resistant as other drift roses and are best suited for small gardens or along paths and walkways.
  • Coral Drift Rose: Coral Drift Rose will fill the garden with vibrant, coral-colored flowers from spring to frost. Fast-growing, easy-care, vigorous, and cold hardy, Coral Drift Rose has glossy dark green foliage with excellent disease resistance. Low spreading habit is perfect for smaller gardens, filling gently around established plants, in borders, or along paths.
  • Peach Drift Rose: Peach Drift Roses will brighten any garden with their long blooming season and beautiful blooms. It is easy to care for and disease resistant and pairs well with all perennials.
  • Pink Drift Rose: Pink Drift Roses are an ever-blooming groundcover rose with deep pink flowers and abundant blooms that last throughout the season. This disease-resistant plant is easy to care for and easy to combine with other perennials.
  • Popcorn Drift Rose: Popcorn Drift Roses are a fragrant ground-cover rose with buttery yellow blooms that re-blooms all season is very disease resistant and easy to grow.
  • Red Drift Rose: Red Drift Roses produce small red blooms that last all season long. Easy to care for a ground-cover rose, disease-resistant, and looks beautiful in border plantings or draped over a wall.
  • Sweet Drift Rose: Sweet Drift Roses produces an abundance of fragrant clear pink double blooms from spring until frost.

How to Care for your Drift Roses:

Drift Roses are best planted in Full to Partial Sun as this brings out the best color in the flowers. Very little is needed as far as care is concerned. Supplemental watering is sometimes beneficial during periods of prolonged drought. In the Spring drift roses can be pruned back hard to promote branching and since Drift roses flower on new growth this will help the plant produce hundreds of vibrant blooms.

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