Tulip Poplar Tree

Liriodendron tlipifera

Growzone: 4-9

This beautiful shade tree is covered in spring with flowers that look for all the world like large tulips growing from the branches. Then, in autumn, your Tulip Poplar puts on a spectacular display again when its leaves turn a brilliant lemon yellow.
Size Price Quantity
3 GAL 5 to 6' $117.95

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Full Description

Tulip Poplar Tree has only a 4 lobed leaf, giving the tree a beautifully unique and almost odd appearance. Tulip Poplars trees grow rather rapidly if planted in good moist soil and are one of the tallest naturally growing trees in the Eastern U.S. The tulip-shaped flower is yellow with a touch of green in the six petals. The Tulip Poplar Tree is a tall, fast-growing shade tree that forms a symmetrical pyramid

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