Thuja Nigra

Thuja occidentalis 'Nigra'

Growzone: 3-8

Thuja Nigra is one of the best varieties for cold climates. Thuja Nigra will keep its dark green color all winter long.
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1-2 FEET $44.95
2-3 Feet $86.95

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Full Description

Thuja Nigra grows almost everywhere. It is hardy in USDA zones 3 – 7, which covers a huge portion of the United States. Thuja Nigra is the native hedging and screening plant of choice. It isn’t picky about soil and will grow in sandy soils and heavy clay soils equally well. It is also practically maintenance-free. The only major maintenance is hedge shearing after several years of growth. Unlike some evergreen plants, Thuja Nigra has few pest and disease problems. If you’ve had problems with Leyland Cypress or Arborvitae Emerald Green in your yard, this plant is a great replacement. The flat, delicate, dark-green foliage emits a pleasantly sweet aroma when crushed.

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