Ficus moclame

Ficus moclame

Growzone: 9-11

Easy to Grow Ficus Moclame

Not a very well known type of fig, large leaves a little like rubber plant have wonderfully pale green veins that show up beautifully against the emerald green of the leaf. This particular ficus is a beautiful addition to any home.

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Ficus microcarpa 'Moclame' is a sturdy and popular houseplant! The small, round, thick, pale green leaves and the plaited stem of this example bring nature right into your living room. The Ficus Moclame is easy to care for and it will tolerate direct sun and low humidity.

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Additional Information

Cleaning the leaves is an important Ficus moclame care step. Its large feathery foliage becomes dusty quite often. to clean the leaves simply place one hand on the underside of the leaf and gently pull a damp cloth over the upper surface of the leave. Use a soft cloth so you will have no worry about scratching the surface of the leaf. After the leaves dry you can give your Ficus Audrey Bush a glossy look by using Bonide Leaf shine and Moisture Guard.

Every 2-3 years repot the Ficus moclame or whenever you find that it is root bound, providing a container slightly larger than the previous one.