American Chestnut Tree Dunstan

Castanea dentata 'Dunstan'

Growzone: 5-9

Chestnuts are the very best tree for wildlife. Their consistent yearly crop of large, sweet nuts (unlike oaks and other nuts that cycle between heavy and light years) provides consistent, high-quality food for deer, turkey, squirrel, bear and many other game and non-game species including humans.

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5 to 6 FEET TALL $109.95
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Ever wonder what happened to the American Chestnut Tree? Once beautiful, majestic and abundant. For thousands of years, the American Chestnut tree thrived in our forests and covered huge tracts of land across the eastern United States. It was said a squirrel could climb a tree on the Atlantic coast and not touch ground until it reached the Mississippi River. The Chestnut was the dominant tree in America's eastern forests until an Asian blight wiped them out in the early 1900's. Until recently, you'd be hard pressed to find a single tree. Well, we're bringing 'em back. Introducing the Dunstan Chestnut Tree! After decades of crossbreeding, this blight resistant cultivar is here. Be a part of restoring this American tradition for years to come.

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