Sweet Summer Hydrangea

Hydrangea paniculata 'Bokrathirteen' Plant Patent #21,778

Growzone: 4-7

Hydrangea Sweet Summer is a mid-sized  hydrangea with an extreme number of dense panicles. Green flowers mature to white in Summer and turn shades of pink in Fall. Shows white AND shades of pink all at the same time! Very strong stems for great cut flowers.
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Sweet Summer Hydrangea, is a compact cultivar that typically grows to 4-5′ tall. It was selected in 2006 from an ongoing breeding program in Boskoop, the Netherlands involving unnamed seedlings of Hydrangea paniculata. Sweet Summer Hydrangea is noted for producing dense, broad-conical panicles (to 5″ long) of mostly sterile flowers that emerge white in summer but change to light pink. Flowers at the base of the panicles change from white to pink while new white flowers are still emerging at the indeterminate panicle tips. Sweet Summer Hydrangea has sturdy stiff stems hold the flower panicles upright with no drooping. The much smaller fertile flowers are hidden beneath the showier, sterile ones. Sweet Summer Hydrangea flowers may be cut for fresh arrangements or for drying, or may be left on the plant where they will persist well into winter. Ovate, serrate, green leaves (to 4” long) produce generally undistinguished, yellow to purple-tinged fall color.

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