Snake Plant Black Dragon has very Dark Green Leaves Black Dragon Snake Plant showing it's compact size Snake Plant Black Dragon easily fills a pot with clusters of Dark Green Leaves Black Dragon Snake Plants look great in brightly colored pots

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Black Dragon Snake Plants

Sansevieria trifasciata 'Black Dragon'

If you have a white bedroom you will love the way the dark leaves of Snake Plant Black Dragon contrast with the white walls. It's a shorter type snake plant but it will make a huge statement against the bright walls.

Growzone: 9-11

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Black Dragon Snake Plants for Sale Online

Black dragon Snake Plants have rich, shiny, dark green spear-shaped foliage. This hybrid Bird's Nest form of Snake Plant is small and compact. It's an unusual snake plant because the leaves are not variegated — a perfect size for a shelf, small table or bedroom nightstand.

  • Foliage looks almost like green fire.
  • Part Nasa's clean air plant study.
  • The deep green-black color will intensify in low-light.
  • Impossible to kill.

About Your Black Dragon Snake Plants

Low Light Snake Plant Black Dragon

Sansevieria Black Dragon has rich, shiny, dark green succulent foliage. This hybrid Bird's Nest form is beautifully small and compact and is unusual in that the leaves are un-variegated. A real living sculpture for a shelf or small table.  Sansevieria readily adapt to different light levels. The deep green-black coloring of Black Dragon will intensify in shade and become a vibrant, lustrous green with more light.

Growing Zone: 9-11
Mature Height: 10″ – 16″
Mature Width: 10″ – 16″
Classification: Colorful Foliage
Sunlight: Fluorescent light to bright, indirect
Habit: Upright
Foliage: Dark Green almost Black
Soil Condition: Well draining, cactus or succulent mix (part sand)
Water Requirement: Likes to go dry between waterings
Uses: Does well in narrow spaces and in low light conditions
This Plants Growzone: 9-11 Black Dragon Snake Plants Hardiness Zone

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