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Crescent Eva Round Resin Planter

The Eva large resin planters make a great alternative to stone or clay. They boast a natural look while staying lightweight, weather resistant, and durable.

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Round Planter by Crescent Gardens for Sale Online

Part of the Crescent Gardens lightweight Planter line. These round resin planters are weather resistant, and perfect for use indoors or out.

The matte finish on the Crescent Eva resin planters helps this lightweight material have a beautiful, natural look. They make an ideal alternative to stone or clay without losing those iconic natural textures. The resin material also boasts a more flexible structure, making the Eva plant pots resistant to cracking or breaking in extreme temperature changes.

You can decorate your home with the Eva large resin planter in a wide variety of ways: add focus to a dining room corner, add color to an outdoor patio, or add a flattering neutral detail to your living room or kitchen shelves. The Eva resin plant pots range from 6 inches to 14 inches: feel free to mix and match colors and sizes to make a dynamic planter set.

The Crescent Eva resin plant pots do not come with any drainage holes. You can either create drainage holes and add a tray underneath, or you can simply place a nursery pot inside and use the Eva planter as a decorative plant pot cover. It is much easier to drill any necessary drainage holes into this resin than it would be into stone, clay, or terra cotta.

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10 Year Limited Warranty

Crescent Trading Group LLC will replace any Crescent polyethylene rotational molded item if it cracks or fades due to defective workmanship and materials during the first 10 years from the date of purchase. Customer is responsible for all Shipping and Handling charges. Should any product fail to comply with this warranty within 10 years Crescent shall, upon written notification, replace the defective planter with its then closest current model, FOB Crescent's closest distribution facility