• snake plant in a tall black ecoforms pot
  • Avocado Urn 5.5 inch EcoForms planter and saucer
  • mocha Urn 5.5 inch EcoForms planter and saucer
  • ebony Urn 5.5 inch EcoForms planter and saucer
  • coral Urn 5.5 inch EcoForms planter and saucer
  • turquoise Urn 5.5 inch EcoForms planter and saucer
  • tangerine Urn 5.5 inch EcoForms planter and saucer
  • Natural Color Urn 5.5 inch EcoForms planter and saucer
  • Sand Color Urn 5.5 inch EcoForms planter and saucer
  • Harvest Color Urn 5.5 inch EcoForms planter and saucer

EcoForms 5.5 Inch Rice Hull Urn Planter

The elongated shape of the Ecoforms urn planter works well with some of our tall, slender houseplants, like a money tree or parlor palm.

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EcoForms 5.5 Inch Rice Hull Urn Planter for Sale Online

This 5.5-inch rice hull outdoor & indoor urn planter by EcoForms features a beautiful, sleek design with strong, modern lines. Perfect for tables, shelves, windows, patios, and anywhere you want to display your favorite plants. EcoForms are made out of organic plant material, providing an alternative to plastics. We think EcoForms biodegradable pots are some of the best eco-friendly products available.

  • Made to last between 5 - 10 years.
  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable and resilient against extreme temperature changes.
  • Rice Hull creates ideal insulation and airflow, helping plants develop healthy roots.
  • Each planter includes the pot and saucer, designed for exceptional drainage and airflow.
  • 100% Biodegradable

An Eco-Friendly Plant Pot Made From Rice Hulls

EcoForms has created an environmentally friendly pottery line made from rice hulls. Rice hulls are becoming an immensely popular resource because of the many different ways they can be used.

In addition to adding filtration and airflow to soils, rice hulls are also used for building materials, packaging, and pottery. It's lightweight and sturdy, and it will decompose naturally over time. Rice hulls are an ideal material since they have a much smaller impact on the environment than plastic pots. They are a sustainable plant material.

Since rice hulls are an organic material, they are not as rigid as other pottery materials. While sturdy, this inner flexibility means that the pots are more durable to changes in weather. They are less likely to crack in a frost. A smaller outdoor space such as an apartment patio or deck is perfect for this little urn planter.

Create an eco-friendly plant oasis in your home or on your patio with these EcoForms urn planters. They can last up to 5 years outside and up to 10 years inside. After 5 to 10 years, you can recycle your rice hull plant pots as they biodegrade. The use of rice hulls in soil results in outstanding root development.

The urn planter style of EcoForms planters have small drainage holes, and they come with a matching tray for water overflow. You can either place a nursery pot inside the planter or you can plant directly into your Urn planter. These colors range from flattering neutrals to playful color pops, and they will flatter a wide variety of plants. These also make a great gift for your environmentally conscious friends and family.

Design Ideas for Rice Hull Urn Planters

This urn planter is ideal for a wide range of home decor styles. The colors and texture of the rice hull urn planters are perfect for rooms with natural textures, such as woven rattan rugs, natural wood surfaces, and macrame wall hangings. Or, the sleek, straight shape inspires a modern, art deco feeling, and would fit well in any modern, minimalistic space.

The elongated look of the pot accentuates and flatters plants with similar tall profiles. Pair this with a Neanthe Bella Palm or a Money Tree plant to add height and drama on a shelf or behind some picture frames.

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