Ficus Alii Braid

Ficus maclellandii

Growzone: 9-11

Elegant houseplant grown as a tree with shiny green leaves that clean air indoors of formaldehyde.
Size Price Quantity
10" 3-4' tall $59.95
12" 5-6' tall $109.95
Full Description

ficus Alii Braid is a graceful, gentle tree with solid green leaves that prefers to be in bright, direct light. These trees would do best with exposure to a western or southern window. Ficus Alii Braid, otherwise known as the weeping fig, serves as an excellent backdrop for any room in the house. These versatile trees can even be placed outside in full sun if hardy. There is a tendency for these trees to lose their leaves if light, watering, or their location changes. This is a perfectly normal process as the tree adjusts to its new situation. These elegant trees come originally from Asia and Australia, where they grow upwards of 80 feet tall. Indoors, in a container the trees height is limited by the quantity of roots it can produce in a small container. Typically, Ficus Alii Braid reaches about 10 to 15 feet tall indoors. Regular pruning can contain the tree and encourage branching and new leaf growth without damage to the tree. Outdoors, the trees produce a very small flower and then a reddish fruit that is edible. Eating the fruit is not recommended because it has not been bred for flavor and is not intended to be eaten.

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Additional Information

Ficus Alii Braid is a low maintenance houseplant that originates in Asia. These standards have been pruned to keep a tree form, but they also make attractive, compact hedges if planted outside in a hardy location. A relatively smooth, brownish gray trunk gives way to a sphere of tear drop shaped leaves. Sometimes the trunks are braided or twisted to provide more ornamental interest. Ficus Alii Braid tolerates a wide range of conditions: bright light to full sun, very dry to wet, and a variety of soil. They make a great houseplant, and clean the air inside your home of formaldehyde as well.