Top 9 Office Plants

Top 9 Office Plants

Oct 29, 2020

Navigating through Covid-19 has been tough, to say the least. For many of us, our living rooms have turned into offices, classrooms, and our pets have become our coworkers. If you are beginning to feel a little like you're dragging throughout the day, it might be time to add a bit of life into your workspace. Small indoor plants have shown to improve office efficiency by improving air quality and removing toxins that would otherwise distract you from your work. Have a look at our list of the 9 Best Office Plants!

Snake Plant in White Pot on Desk

Snake Plants

Snake plants make excellent office plants. Not only do they add an exotic accent to your desk but, they also can survive in almost any environment. That is why they are so popular amongst beginner plant owners. Sansevierias are also known for their contribution to clean air. Unlike many other household plants, the Snake plant can absorb an excessive amount of carbon dioxide and work as an air purifier, keeping the brain sharp and stress free, ready for a hard day's work. Two of our favorite Snake plants are the Fernwood and Starfish, although all varieties offer unique designs while maintaining the low-maintenance qualities we love.

ZZ Plant in Woven Basket on Dresser

ZZ Plants

Much like the Snake plant, the ZZ plant is virtually impossible to kill, a lover of low light and is sure to bring both your at-home and in-office desk to life with its unique design.  Playfully known as the “EZ plant”, these houseplants thrive off neglect so you do not have to water them as often, perfect for the forgetful plant parent. Additionally, the ZZ plant is scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase cognitive function, and improve decision making. Not only that but, it is significantly complementary to the eye. What more could you want in your workspace!

Aloe Vera in White Pot on Window Sill

Aloe Vera Plants 

Aloe Vera is known for being a healing plant since ancient times. So, it is no question why this plant would be number three on our list! It is the perfect plant if you want easy to maintain desk decor. If your workspace is relatively humid, you can water this plant as infrequently as once a month. This plant will also thrive perfectly with limited lighting.

Split Leaf Philodendron in Black Pot

Philodendron Plants

Whether your office is drowning in sunlight or tucked in the corner next to the bathroom, the Philodendron plant is the perfect desk plant. Often used in hanging baskets, they also flourish when planted in pots. Like other plants on the list, their water schedule is super flexible. Be careful not to overwater them. This plant should only be watered when the soil gets completely dry. One of our most popular Philodendron plants is the Split Leaf Monstera. Their glossy green leaves are an ideal touch of style to add to any workspace.

Palm Plant in Red Ceramic Pot

Palm Plants

The Parlor Palm is a perfect example of what it means to be loved to death. That is exactly why this is the perfect indoor plant to spruce up your workspace. This plant doesn't need to be watered frequently and doesn't require a ton of light. Often people think otherwise and that is what leads them to die. The three most liked indoor palms are the Areca, Majesty, and Bamboo all with grandiose designs.

Pothos in Black Sphere Planter

Pothos Plants

Like the Philodendron the Pothos plants are notoriously easy to care for. Because they are low-light plants, they do not require frequent watering. It is important to note that these plants are poisonous if consumed, so while working from home be sure to keep an eye out for children and pets. The most popular of the bunch is the Golden Pothos because of its yellow and green variegation. Beautifully blended together, it's no doubt this plant wouldn’t brighten up your workspace!

Aglaonema in Ceramic Planter

Aglaonema Plants

If you are a fan of indoor plants with patterned leaves, then this is the plant for you. The Red Aglaonema plant is brightly colored and flourishes in little to no light. Known as the Chinese Evergreen plant, its variegation makes for incredible interior design that will give your workspace the pop of color it may need. Proven to filter the surrounding air, this plant will keep your stress levels down and keep you focused. The Siam and Firecracker plants are increasingly becoming the favorites of the plant world.

Burgundy Ficus in Woven Basket

Ficus Plants

The Ficus plant has been known for bringing success into professional environments. Overall, it has a tropical aesthetic that will give an appealing look to your workspace. In addition to its eye-catching look, this plant will increase office productivity. Due to its ability to metabolize chemicals compounds in the air, you and your coworkers will benefit from improved respiratory systems and overall health conditions. If you are having difficulty choosing what type of plant to get, consider the rare Tineke, the sultry Burgundy, or the dainty Moclame.

White Fittonia Plant in White Pot

Fittonia Plant

Last on our list we have the Fittonia plant. The Fittonia plant is often used as a floor plant but works perfectly for small spaces. It has also been referred to as the nerve plant due to each of its leaves having small pink or white vein-like patterns on them. The vibrant color and aesthetically pleasing pattern makes this quaint beauty quite the desk accessory!

These low maintenance office plants will overall improve your work environment. Having your walls draped with plants or simply potted next to your computer gives your otherwise dreadful area the splash of life it needs!