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Echinacea purpurea 'Magnus'

Growzone: 4-9

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Purple coneflower is an easy-to-grow native that blooms heavily from summer to fall.

About Your Purple Coneflower Magnus

Echinacea purpurea magnus has extra large pink flowers with a copper-brown cone (center). Echinacea purpurea magnus are a long lasting cut flower. Where classic coneflower's petals point down, 'Magnus' are held more horizontally. The bicolor effect from this variety is due to the blooms intense color fading as they age. Perennial Plant Association 1998 Plant of the Year. They are drought and heat tolerant with long-lasting magnificent displays of large daisies with coned centers.A North American native in the Daisy family, Echinacea produce big, bright flowers from late June until frost. Plants thrive in average soils and withstand hot and dry conditions. Blooms last well cut or dried, and the seeds in the large cone at the center of the flower head provide nourishment for birds when finished blooming. Echinacea is a must have in every garden for butterflies and pollinators.

Growing Zone: 4-9
Mature Height: 36"
Mature Width: 18-24"
Sunlight: Full Sun
Water Requirements: Average
Selling Points: Native, long blooming, butterflies and pollinators, songbirds
This Plants Growzone: 4-9

Planting Information

Never plant Echinacea purpurea magnus deeper than originally planted in the pot. Doing so can cause rotting of the stem and death to the plant. Most plants are very drought tolerant; however they grow very slow without adequate water. The one question that comes up often, "when is the best time to plant? For the most part, Echinacea 'Magnus' can be planted year around, provided the ground isn't frozen. Below Virginia many nurseries and landscapers plant year around, weather permitting. When planting Purple Coneflower, remember the only water source the plant has, is its small root ball, and all the water the plant uses must come from there until new roots can grow into the surrounding soil. Newly planted perennials should be watered twice weekly (Minimum), and under hot conditions possibly more.

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