Powwow wild berry with one flower in full bloom of deep pink with an orange brown center Echinacea powwow wild berry one gallon sized bush for sale at garden goods direct deep pink petals of the powwow wild berry with bright green surrounding foliage side view of The echinacea pow wow wild berry with its round cone like shape

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Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry

Echinacea purpurea 'Pow Wow Wild Berry'

Plant this punchy pink coneflower along borders and in clumps. A staple of the wildflower or cottage garden, the Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry attracts pollinators of every shape, size, and wingspan.

Growzone: 3-9

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Dormancy Notice: This plant, like many others, enters dormancy or semi-dormancy in the late fall through early spring. *THIS PLANT IS NOT DEAD. It is completely healthy but upon receiving the plant, you may notice it exhibits fewer leaves, discoloration, or complete leaf drop. This is normal and essential to the plant's health. In fact, planting during dormancy promotes root growth, giving your plant a better start for spring, when new foliage will begin to grow.

Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry Coneflower for Sale Online

Pink flowered Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry is an easy-to-grow native Wildflower that blooms heavily from summer to fall.

About Your Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry

Growing Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry

Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry is a purple coneflower that features large, deep rose-purple flowers in a floriferous bloom from late spring to late summer, sometimes with additional sporadic bloom until frost. It typically grows in an upright clump to 2-3' tall and to 1-1.5' wide on sturdy, well-branched stems that do not need staking. Each flower (to 3-4" diameter) features downward-arching, overlapping, deep rose-purple rays which encircle a large orange-brown center cone. Narrow-ovate leaves (to 6” long) are medium green. Echinacea Pow Wow Wild berry is a 2010 All-America Selection (AAS) winner. Echinacea purpurea, commonly called purple coneflower, is a coarse, rough-hairy, herbaceous perennial that is native to moist prairies, meadows and open woods of the central to southeastern United States (Ohio to Michigan to Iowa south to Louisiana and Georgia). It typically grows to 2-4' tall. Showy daisy-like purple coneflowers (to 5" diameter) bloom throughout summer atop stiff stems clad with coarse, ovate to broad-lanceolate, dark green leaves. Good fresh cut or dried flower. The dead flower stems will remain erect well into the winter, and if flower heads are not removed, the blackened cones may be visited by goldfinches or other birds that feed on the seeds. Genus name of Echinacea comes from the Greek word echinos meaning hedgehog or sea-urchin in reference to the spiny center cone found on most flowers in the genus. Specific epithet means purple. They are drought and heat tolerant with long-lasting magnificent displays of large daisies with coned centers. A North American native in the Daisy family, Echinacea produce big, bright flowers from late June until frost. Plants thrive in average soils and withstand hot and dry conditions. Blooms last well cut or dried, and the seeds in the large cone at the center of the flower head provide nourishment for birds when finished blooming. Echinacea is a must have in every garden for butterflies and pollinators.

Growing Zone: 3-9
Mature Height: 2 to 3 Feet
Mature Width: 18-24 Inches
Sunlight: Full sun
Water Requirements: Average
Selling Points: Native, long blooming, butterflies and pollinators, songbirds, fragrant
This Plants Growzone: 3-9 Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry Hardiness Zone

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