Top 8 Late-Blooming Summer Pollinator Perennials

Top 8 Late-Blooming Summer Pollinator Perennials

Jun 12, 2020

Keep your garden buzzing all summer with these pollinators plants

June marks the start of summer pollinator month, and what better way to boost the blooms in your garden! While many would shriek at the sight of buzzing bugs, real gardeners know that pollinators are here to help. Not only do pollinating perennials add a pop color to your garden during the fall season, but they attract a diverse group of pollinators including bees, butterflies, and beetles (oh my!). Pollinators help control pest insects, and also help your garden produce more food.

During the process, these pollinators receive the necessary energy needed to survive throughout the winter hibernation. Some nectar-rich plants with seeded heads even provide birds with a source of winter food. Ditch the pesticide and help make their job easier with our top 8 late-blooming summer pollinator plants for sale at Garden Goods Direct!

purple summer blooming agastache blue fortune

1. Agastache Blue Fortune

Agastache Blue Fortune is known for its profusion of long-lasting, deep lavender-blue flower spikes that appear from July to September above fragrant foliage. This pollinating plant prefers average to dry locations and is a butterfly magnet!

orange blooming butterfly weed

2. Asclepias tuberosa - Butterfly Weed

Easy to care for, this low maintenance perennial is drought tolerant and needs plenty of sunlight to thrive and look their best. Butterfly Weed is loaded with nectar and pollen, making it particularly attractive to butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, and other beneficial insects. Nature lovers would be happy to know that Butterfly Weed is the larval food source of the Monarch Butterfly.

pink summer blooming Asclepias incarnata

3. Asclepias incarnata - Swamp Milkweed

Asclepias incarnata or Swamp Milkweed is a very popular plant for pollinators and for good reason. Hawkmoths, swallowtail butterflies, greater fritillaries, monarch butterflies, skippers, bumblebees, honey bees, and numerous other nectar-seekers will visit this plant daily when in flower.

bright yellow blooms on summer flowering Coreopsis Zagreb

4. Coreopsis Zagreb

The cheery orange-yellow blooms of Coreopsis Zagreb will add a flair to any sunny garden! The flowers are abundant and bloom continuously throughout the entire summer. Invite pollinators with its extremely attractive blooms when used as a focal point in the mixed border or in mass planting.

purple summer blooms on nepeta walkers low pollinator perennial

5. Nepeta Walkers Low

Walkers Low Catmint is a true butterfly magnet. This classic perennial draws butterflies to the garden year after year, which proves it is an excellent choice for boosting blooms in your garden. A satisfying hub for pollinators!

yellow blooming rudbeckia viettes little suzy summer perennial

6. Rudbeckia Viette's Little Suzy

The Rudbeckia Viette's Little Suzy or the Little Suzy Black-eyed Susan is a shorter, more compact version of the original Guldsturm selection and blooms just as long from July all the way through October. This Black-eyed Susan is great for adding color to any mixed border or wildflower planting beds.

pink purple blooming pow wow wild berry echinacea

7. Echinacea Pow wow Wild Berry

Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry is an easy-to-grow native Wildflower that blooms heavily from summer to fall. Its punchy-pink coneflower blooms attract pollinators of every shape, size, and wingspan. A North American native in the Daisy family, Echinacea produce big, bright flowers from late June until frost.

vibrant pink summer blooming dianthus firewitch

8. Dianthus Firewitch

Attract bees and butterflies to your perennial garden with Dianthus Firewitch. Its blue-gray foliage and sweet smelling pink blooms brightens any garden or flower arrangement. It’s also important to mention that this flowering pollinator plant is deer resistant.