Coral Drift Rose

Rosa 'Meidrifora' PP# 19148

Growzone: 4-11

Long Flowering Coral Drift Roses

Coral Drift Roses are a true fast growing groundcover rose with bright orange/coral colored flower blooms. They are prolific bloomers that continually produce heavy blooms from early spring until hard frost.

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Full Description

Coral Drift Roses are a true fast growing groundcover rose with bright orange / coral colored flower blooms. They are prolific bloomers that continually produce heavy blooms from early spring until hard frost. Drift Roses are a hybrid cross between full sized traditional groundcover roses, and miniature roses. Like all Drift Roses, the Coral Drift Rose has shown outstanding disease and pest resistance with little to no maintenance required. They are perfect suited for use along paths and walkways or in a smaller sized garden.

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Additional Information

History and introduction:

The story of how the Drift® Groundcover Roses came to be is quite interesting, albeit painstakingly long, even by rose standards. It illustrates once again that rose breeding is not for the impatient and that creating a full series takes an inordinate amount of time given the genetic disparity with which creative rose breeders work. Believe it or not, the prototype for the series was sent to Star Rose’s Pennsylvania location in 1992 under the lovely name of CP4589. For the record, it was the same year that they received The Knock Out® Rose, which was known then as CP4642. As we know, Knock Out® went on to become the most popular new rose introduction ever released by Star® Roses and Plants, while in the meantime this great little thing was totally ignored. It was a tiny white rose with five small petals and very dark glossy foliage. Ironically, the prototype, known as White Drift® when it was introduced, is no longer in commerce. However, it performed really well in their trials the following season, but the plant was not taller than a foot and not even twice as wide at the end of the season. Amazing when you think about it today, but at that time, in the early 1990’s (20 some years ago already, time flies when you’re having fun) it was considered way too small for commercial release! The trade was looking for larger shrubs, and nobody showed any interest in a miniature ground-cover rose. However, as they usually do when they look at seedlings that perform outstandingly in they’re difficult climate of South Eastern Pennsylvania they hung on to it for the next few years. Then in 1996, Jacques Mouchotte, the director of research at the House of Meilland, sent them a series of very similar seedlings that they called “Mini-Meidiland®.” They looked indeed like the smaller siblings of our Meidiland® lansdcape shrub roses, but on a much smaller scale. Meidiland® were quite successful at the time, but one of the comments was that they were growing very big and therefore did not fit all landscape situations. It took some time, but they eventually saw the light and became quite excited because they finally realized such roses could be very successful. Unfortunately none of the seedlings sent that year ended up performing to the level of that original code from 1992. The idea was right, but the genetics not quite there yet. However, patience being one of the most needed virtues in rose hybridizing (and selection!), the efforts continued every year after that and finally by 2004 they were looking at five other seedlings — this time with the characteristics they were looking for. The Drift® series was finally ready for prime time. It was pre-released commercially in the Northeast region in spring 2007. The reception was way beyond expectations. Not only did they bloom all summer, but they also proved to be significantly more resistant to black spot than originally thought, and they kept their compact habit all season in climates where plants tend to grow fairly big given the right conditions. They were also performing extremely well in trials all around the country, including that cursed area for roses known as the Deep South. So Drift® Roses were released full scale in spring 2008 — a mere 16 years after we saw the prototype and 19 years after it was created by a visionary breeder at Meilland. Today they are still gaining in popularity in a way that is not without resemblance to what we saw with Knock Out® in the early years.