angel wing jasmine has bright white flowers pointy white flowers of angel wing jasmine
angel wing jasmine has bright white flowers pointy white flowers of angel wing jasmine

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Angel Wing Jasmine nitidum

Jasmine nitidum

If your looking for something different to plant in pots on your deck, patio, or pool deck this is it! you'll be amazed that such a small flower can be so fragrant.


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Angel Wing Jasmine nitidum Shrubs for Sale Online

Angel Wing Jasmine is an attractive, spreading, vine-like shrub groundcover that displays many large, fragrant, pinwheel-shaped white flowers. An excellent flowering evergreen for spilling out of containers, or using as a spreading filler between shrubs. Typically only hardy to zone 10 this plant is best grown in large pots and brought indoors before the first frost.

Hardiness Zone: 10-11
Mature Height: 6 Feet
Mature Width: 6 to 8 Feet
Classification: Broad Leaved evergreen tropical
Sunlight: Partial to full sun, tolerates part shade
Habit: Mounding
Foliage: Green
Flower Color: White
Pruning Season: Best pruned in late winter or early spring before new growth emerges
Soil Condition: Any well drained soil
Water Requirements: Water well until established
Uses: Tolerates moist soil and partial shade or full sun. Full sun brings out the best foliage color. Will adapt to drier sites
Growzone: 10-11 Angel Wing Jasmine nitidum Hardiness Zone 10-11

How to Care for Angel Wing Jasmine nitidum

We suggest when planting your newly purchased Angel Wing Jasmine plants that you use a 12 to 14 inch or larger pot filled with good quality potting soil. Any well drained potting mix will do.

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