Acorus Ogon

Acorus Ogon

Growzone: 4-9

Acorus Ogon A beautiful accent plant for a moist rock garden or beside a pool or stream, this will even grow in shallow standing water. Sweet flag can be utilized very well as an accent plant to mixed perennial beds and evergreen.

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Full Description

Acorus Ogon is a dense, spreading sedge (grass) growing to 12 inches tall and is grown for its foliage effect. Features grass-like, stiff leaves (1/2" wide to 12" long) which are dark green in the center with clean white borders. The moderate spreading habit of this sedge (most sedges are clump-forming) facilitates covering woodland areas as a groundcover. Brownish flowers in late spring are insignificant. This sedge is evergreen in the South, maintaining a good appearance in both summer and winter, but is not evergreen in northern areas, although some foliage color will persist through the winter, but it will need cut back in the spring. Acorus Ogon will brighten a shady area. Adds soothing movement to the garden when foliage dances in the breeze.

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