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Does your yard become stiflingly hot in the summertime? Are you tired of seeing your summer electric bill skyrocket to cover the constant use of your air conditioner? Do you spend all your time indoors during the hottest months of the year because being outside is just too much to bear? You can address all of these problems with one simple solution — shade trees!

You can plant shade trees in your yard to provide a natural reprieve from the sun’s beating rays. When you put a shade tree near a porch or sitting area, you get instant relief without the cost of an expensive awning system. You can even lower your electric bill by shading the house, eliminating the need for your A/C to constantly run.

What Types of Shade Trees Are There?

Shade trees fall into a broad category and include anything big or wide enough to cast a shadow over your property. The best-known shade trees include:

  • American Chestnut Trees: These breathtaking trees can grow up to 100 ft, providing wide canopies of cooling shade with the addition of scrumptious chestnuts.
  • Magnolia Centennial Blush & Magnolia Jane: These ornamental trees also provide shade with buds that blossom into beautiful flowers, their smaller size makes them ideal for shading smaller yards.
  • Autumn Blaze Red Maple Trees & ‘October Glory’ Maples: These long-lived trees have deep, distinctive leaf colors and grow very quickly.
  • Tulip Poplars: Also known for their flowers, these trees are very fast-growing and provide an elevated canopy that still allows for smaller “understory” trees such as Japanese Maples or Dogwoods to be planted

Why Should You Plant a Shade Tree on Your Property?

Shade trees offer more benefits than just a view of the serene landscape out of the sun. Everyone wants a cooler house during the summer — high temperatures and humidity levels can be disruptive and even dangerous. Cranking up the air conditioning can certainly be one way to combat high temperatures, but that increases electric costs and your environmental footprint.

That’s where shade trees can help. In addition to providing appealing foliage that will enhance the beauty of your yard, they can also reduce your cooling bill and give you a more comfortable place to gather outdoors when it’s hot. As an added bonus, many of these trees offer brilliant color changes you will be able to look forward to every fall.

How Can You Find the Right Shade Tree for Your Home? 

Finding the right shade tree is not an exact science. You’ll want to choose the tree that best fits your landscape vision and overall goal. You may choose a shade tree because you like the height and shape. The delicate flowers of the poplar or magnolia, for instance, could attract you.

Or you might select a tree because of its fall color. Maples will provide shade but also add different hues to your landscaping. If you prefer large trees with lots of foliage, an American chestnut could be the best fit for your house. If you have kids or grandkids who love to climb trees, try a sturdy maple.

The shade tree you choose will become a long-term part of your landscape and home. You’ll want to choose the tree that fits your vision for a beautiful property. We’re here to help, let Woodie or his team of trained nursery people help you make the right decision based on your specific needs. Call us at 1-844-348-8971 and let us help.

How Do You Care for Shade Trees?

Shade trees can get immense in size and can grow quickly, fulfilling their promise of offering a canopy above your yard. If you care for them properly, your trees may grow three to eight feet per year.

When planting, you should leave enough room for the roots to spread and the tree to expand as it reaches maturity.

As you plan your yard’s layout, also keep in mind that if the tree’s branches stretch into a neighbor’s property, they may drop leaves and acorns there as well — and your neighbor may not appreciate those ‘gifts.’ You can consult with local municipality guidelines for planting distances in regard to property lines.

Shade trees generally thrive in full sun. You may also have to prune the trees occasionally. If they seem to have stopped or slowed in their growth, consider fertilizing in the fall or spring and add mulch to keep roots moist.

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