Gift Plants for All Occasions

Gifting plants is a wonderful way of sharing your love of plants and giving a gift that can be enjoyed for many years to come. There are so many occasions for gifting plants. House Plants can be given as gifts for special occasions, house-warming gifts, to say thank you to a special friend or just simply to let someone know you're thinking of them.

Whether you want to give plants for Holiday Presents, you’re looking for a perfect housewarming gift, birthday presents or a Mother’s day present, we have an option that will fit all occasions. Plants are one of the most thoughtful gifts. Live plant gifts make people happy, add warmth to a new home or apartment, and are healthy to have around as air purifiers.

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Are you searching for the perfect indoor plant variety? For many years people have been giving the gift of live plants. Gift Plants can be exotic plants including colorful Calatheas, a blooming plant such as a Peace Lily, an easy to care for plants such as a Snake Plant or a large statement piece such as a Bamboo Palm for example. Perhaps your local flower shop just doesn't have that perfect plant you'd wish to give a friend.

A few questions to ask before choosing a Gift Plant?

Live plants make great gifts because they are beautiful and bring continued enjoyment year-round. Before you decide to give a plant as a gift, do a little investigating first so you’re sure to give the best plant.

  • Is the recipient allergic to flowers? If so, giving non-flowering plants as a gift will be better than flowering plants.
  • Does your friend have pets or small children? Make sure the plant you are gifting isn’t poisonous to pets and children. We have a whole collection of Pet-Safe plants.
  • What sort of light conditions does the recipient have in their home or office? When in doubt go with a low-Light Plant. Everyone has a dark corner in their home or office that can use a colorful boost.

Plants to Give as Gifts:

We've chosen the following plants that are perfect for sending a living message of thanks or congratulations. These items have been chosen for their great looks and to require minimum plant care.

Aglaonema: Aglaonema or Chinese Evergreen is easy to care for, low maintenance tropical Plant that does best in low to medium light away from drafts. The foliage really makes a statement when planted in a brightly colored pot. The 6″ containers are small enough to be used as a table centerpiece or to brighten a corner of the room or office.

Calatheas: Calatheas produce beautiful leaves that display shades of green, white, red and cream. Their unique textures that add interest to any decor. They are easy to care for, and a great starter plant for up and coming house plant growers.

Snake Plants: If you’re gifting to someone without any plant experience, we recommend the sansevieria, which is commonly known as the snake plant. Snake Plants a pretty much indestructible. They are the ideal plant to build a person's confidence.

Snake Plants are also a well-known air cleaning machine. Most plants release oxygen only when they’re photosynthesizing, Sansevierias actually releases oxygen at all times even at night in the dark. They also have a low light requirement which means they're great for low Light bedrooms.

Chinese Money Plants: Chinese Money Plants are actually called Friendship Plants. They produce pups that can be removed from the mother plant and given to friends. They are easy to care for and have very little requirements for care.

Palms: Palm Trees have always had a place in homes and gardens around the world. They instantly adapt to any condition and require little to no maintenance. great for beginners and children of all ages these plants are a great way to be introduced to the "growing" hobby of indoor plants. Palms are also very efficient air cleaning plants so why not add beauty and function to your home, apartment or office today.

Pothos: Pothos plants or Devil's Ivy is the perfect houseplant for beginners. Pothos is one of the easiest houseplants that you can grow. This variety of indoor plant features dark green leaves splashed and marbled in shades of yellow, cream, or white. We are confident your friends will love the easy-care of pothos vines.

Money Trees: Known for good luck, the Money Tree plant is designed to bring money and luck to the person who receives it as a gift. The Money Tree plant creates positive energy or chi. This is one of the best plants for a house-warming gift or to give a new business owner.

ZZ Plant: Another great option for beginners is easy to care for ZZ plant. If the person you're sending the gift to travels a lot the ZZ Plant is perfect. It only has to get watered once a month to thrive. They can even survive without direct light, making them great office plants.

Philodendrons: Philodendrons are one of the most popular houseplants grown today. They’re easy to grow and most of the varieties available today adapt well to average household conditions.

Fiddle Leaf Figs: If there were a gift that you could send someone that they would never stop talking about it would be a fiddle leaf fig. Everyone wants one. You can send a small one to introduce the recipient to house Plant Care or go all the way to the bigger variations. Either way, you're on your way to giving quite possibly the best gift ever.

Pineapple Plant: Pineapples have been a symbol of hospitality for generations. The pineapple is an ideal gift to thank a hostess or to celebrate a housewarming. Our Pineapple plants arrive with a fruit rising above the dramatic foliage.

These are just our suggestions based on what our customers have told us worked for them as gifts. When you're considering gifting a plant keep in mind that you can put a whole package together. There's no need for your friends to worry about providing the right nutrients, light or pot.

These can all be included with your gift by using our suggested add-ons on each plant page. Growing instructions for all of our plants can be found on each plant page. If you would like a gift note included with your plant please contact us at or include a note with your order.