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For many gardeners, the beauty and appeal of gardening come from nurturing something and watching it thrive under your care. The drawback, however, is that as live organisms, plants are susceptible to diseases, just like humans and animals. In turn, you have to provide supportive care to your plants with conditions, such as powdery mildew, with plant disease control products, which we offer for sale at Garden Goods Direct.

Types of Plant Disease Control Supplies for Sale

At Garden Goods Direct, we offer several Woodie-approved plant disease control supplies for sale, including:

If you have questions about our different plant disease control products, you’re always encouraged to contact our nursery experts!

Why Use Plant Disease Control?

In the gardening community, non-organic and organic plant disease control is an essential feature of gardening. It’s often a factor you consider when shopping for plants, researching their susceptibilities and the availability of disease-resistant varieties. By studying diseases in advance and learning how to identify them, you prepare yourself for treating those issues and providing your plant the opportunity to bloom for multiple seasons.

If you prefer to avoid plant disease control, it’s likely that affected plants, from flowers to shrubs to trees, will die or produce dull foliage.

Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Plant Disease Control Product

Our nursery experts’ suggestion for purchasing the best product for your plant’s disease control is to identify the disease you’re up against. It can require additional research, as well as more of your time, but it will help you choose a product that restores your plant’s vitality. Some common plant diseases include rust, powdery mildew, fungal blights and scabs.

After discovering the plant disease you’re negotiating, you can decide whether you prefer a ready-to-go, granule or concentrate form. If you’re helping a significant number of plants, we recommend a concentrate, which you can mix and add to your hand sprayer. For smaller gardening projects, such as for houseplants, a ready-to-go formula is a helpful and convenient option.

How to Use Plant Disease Control Products

All our plant disease control supplies for sale offer detailed instructions for use. Whether you’re using a concentrate, granule or ready-to-go product, our nursery experts recommend wearing protective eyewear and a set of gloves designed for pesticide use, which differ from traditional gardening gloves because they’re liquid-resistant, protecting your hands and arms.

Buy Plant Disease Control Products From Garden Goods Direct Today

While many gardeners prefer an organic approach to gardening — our nursery experts included — it has become a necessity to treat plant diseases with products tailored to a variety of conditions, like powdery mildew. At Garden Goods Direct, we offer only the best products for plant disease control to restore the luster and longevity of your flowers, shrubs and trees.

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