• Liguid copper fungicide from bonide
  • Bonide copper fungicide for a wide range plant diseases

Bonide Copper Fungicide

Are sick of putting all of your time and energy into your garden just to have it ruined by powdery mildew, black spot and blight? Woodie knows how you feel and that's where Bonide Copper Fungicide comes in. This product makes all the difference in protecting your plants from a wide variety of diseases!

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Copper Organic fungicide for Sale Online

Copper Fungicide has been used in landscapes and gardens for hundreds of years. Copper protects a wide range of plants, from turf and vegetables to fruit and flowers, from a long list of listed diseases. Great for Blight! Suitable for organic gardening. For indoor and outdoor use. Won't harm beneficial insects or pollinators.

About Your Bonide Copper Fungicide

  • Copper formulations protects a wide range of plants from turf to veggies, to fruit and flowers from a host of listed diseases
  • Great for Blight! Suitable for organic gardening
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Won't harm beneficial insects

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