• creeping juniper in a rock garden
  • juniper nana shrub planted in a mulched garden
  • juniper procumbens nana in a black nursery pot
  • juniper procumbens nana next to a river bank

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Green Mound Juniper

Juniper procumbens 'Nana'

Vivid green new growth turns a delightful blue-green as the Juniper 'Nana' matures.

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Green Mound Juniper (Juniper procumbens Nana) is a thick mound of low-growing branches that radiate from the center of the plant and create a dense evergreen groundcover. Makes an easy to care for heat-tolerant evergreen groundcover.

A wonderful evergreen for a group planting over a ledge, or trained into an upright staked specimen. Blue Pacific Juniper is a low spreading groundcover, mass planted as a groundcover or used as a single specimen. Dense blue-green foliage gives this selection a unique appearance and is best when not pruned, but left in its natural form. A notably heat tolerant variety.

Growzone: 4-9 Green Mound Juniper Hardiness Zones 4-9
Hardiness Zone: 4-9
Mature Height: 8 to 12 inches
Mature Width: 5 to 6 feet
Classification: Evergreen groundcover shrub
Sunlight: Full Sun
Habit: Spreading
Flower Color: Non flowering
Foliage: Dense Blue-Green Foliage
Soil Condition: Any well drained soil
Water Requirements: Water well until established
Uses: A truly deer proof shrub

How to Care for Green Mound Juniper

Be sure to read our planting instructions to ensure a healthy and happy plant for years to come!

Frequently Asked questions

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How do I mulch Juniper procumbens Nana?

How do I prune Juniper procumbens Nana?

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